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  1. cedar creek

    Need a concrete guy in Burkesville area

    I could help ya out if you haven’t talked to anyone yet.
  2. cedar creek

    China and Russia in awe

    And I got a LOR for loosing my Kevlar on a little overnight exercise long time ago in AF, this makes me sick
  3. cedar creek

    Cocaine Bear 2023 movie

    Doesn’t DAC have a song about this?
  4. cedar creek

    First time night hunting coyotes, yee haw

    No, they were friends of my neighbor, they were good people, had the right tools of the trade so to speak
  5. cedar creek

    Florida Turkey Hunt Guide?

    I have hunted around Chiefland for $1400 few times but guide shut down, I would go on and spend the $3200 on the south Florida hunt, especially if they provide meals and lodging, turkey hunting has turned into a tricky business down there, some decent public land but the public land is lottery...
  6. cedar creek

    First time night hunting coyotes, yee haw

    Thermal I believe, was all new to me, was easy to identify coyotes with it, I was amazed by it all.
  7. cedar creek

    Another Coyote Attack

    I went gangster one night with my 40 sw hunting late September bow hunting on the ground, bean field edge of the woods but thick woods and had 4 come by me, emptied the clip, didn’t hit a dam thing lol,
  8. cedar creek

    First time night hunting coyotes, yee haw

    Had a good time with some professional guys night hunting coyotes last night, was a very different experience from what I thought, made several sets got 4, very fast and efficient way to hunt them, show up set calls and get ready, was very fast and intense moments, im hooked, good call on KDFW...
  9. cedar creek

    Is anyone hunting?

    Saw a bunch of activity last night on my way home, saw a huge buck about to cross in front of me and my wife almost hit a deer around 830 last night, just a observation
  10. cedar creek

    Who's still holding a buck ticket?

    Have to get the smoke pole cleaned up good, be big boy time late season
  11. cedar creek

    Roll call Sunday 11-27-22 Last Day Modern Gun

    Got wet early am, dead trees crashing, went to truck, came out around 10, ran into game wardens leaving out, they were looking for duck hunters shooting a pistol or something to that effect, we chatted, went home and called it a season, always bittersweet such a time of year I cherish and look...
  12. cedar creek

    Letting them pass

    I understand that, I was trying to hang out for a chance at a big boy but it didn’t happen, those deer I let go were in some pretty big blocks of woods and had a better chance of survival than say farm deer with people hunting all around,
  13. cedar creek

    Letting them pass

    I’ve got my share, rather someone who got excited about it get it or give it another chance next year, scouted some big boys over the summer early fall but never saw them hunting
  14. cedar creek

    Letting them pass

    I must be getting older, saw 5 different bucks this season and gave them the slip, I just enjoyed watching them and hoping they grow more for next year, I didn’t see the bruiser I was after but had fun watching a 130 8 chase a doe one morning and they almost ran me over, I got 2 does for the...
  15. cedar creek

    Big buck killed in Franklin County but

    I guess his dad didn’t teach him to pic up his hulls as a kid lol,
  16. cedar creek

    KY should really be shotgun only!!!!

    First deer hunt I went on, ol dad had double barrel shotgun with slugs, I was little but I thought it looked odd but went on with the show, 85/86 timeframe we didn’t see any deer but I was wanted to see the taped up stock double barrel sears and roebuck bulch a piece of lead the size of my...
  17. cedar creek

    They Are Testing a Super Creepy “Digital Dollar” That They Plan to Introduce Soon

    If you want to run the illegals out, here it is, they all run on cash
  18. cedar creek

    Need Your Opinions

    I didn’t know, I used to have good service but it’s t mobile now from sprint and is dead in we’re I hunt Marion county, worked in the past, changing cell towers I guess
  19. cedar creek

    Slow Taxedrmist

    I’m a businessman, don’t take on work you can’t perform, don’t take people money before service is complete, don’t read this forum and text and say it be done next week, get your ass up at 5 am and work till 5 pm and get some shit done,

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