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  1. kyhunter99

    First for me

    Something going on with that spot. Put a trailcam on it, might be where 'the magic happens.' lol
  2. kyhunter99


    Again its 5.45 Billion vaccinated. Not 'a billion.' But anyway... scientifically... I am aware of a type of disaster (besides autoimmune issues) that could biologically and theoretically occur a few years down the line as a result of say.... cells producing malformed protiens which then go on to...
  3. kyhunter99


    I disagree. And I am not saying 'i hate people' or 'all people must die' or something. Just that moderation is key.
  4. kyhunter99


    Are you saying you don't think the planet is overpopulated? When it doesn't do you any good to cry--you just got to laugh, that's what I'm choosing to do.
  5. kyhunter99


    Hundreds of millions? It's 5.45 BILLION gforce.
  6. kyhunter99


    It'll be fine. We were overpopulated anyway. Just relax and let the powers that be run the world into the ground and when its all over there will be more deer in the woods because hey--less hunters! More sportfish, and fowl. And also think of the traffic conditions that will improve. And...
  7. kyhunter99

    Deer Around You When You're Ready To Go

    Nickleback. Thats your last best bet.
  8. kyhunter99

    New ones showings up

    How many bags is that?
  9. kyhunter99

    Big 8 on lock down

    Amazing for deer standards. Some people are that way and it'll land a person in jail! But as for bucks on lockdown they can be plum easy to kill. Probably won't need to belly crawl with a turkey--just walk on up they'll probably let you as long as the doe stays down. lol
  10. kyhunter99

    Age these teeth

    According to this he looks more 5.5/+ to me. Good job on a nice mature buck!
  11. kyhunter99

    Where to shoot

    You ever see a weary deer raise and lower their head sporadically? Or just in general? Between the time you begin to squeeze the trigger to the time the primer is struck and the bullet goes to your small intended target they could feasibly move several inches or better. Its sad that people risk...
  12. kyhunter99

    Another mid day buck

    What a bruiser
  13. kyhunter99

    Infected deer

    Dont eat anything that 'aint right' because as someone else said its just not worth it. Same goes for the food in the fridge that maaayybbee have been in there too long. Plenty of other stuff to eat.
  14. kyhunter99

    Infected deer

    I had to log in just to tell you this comment made me literally laugh out loud. Thanks for this!
  15. kyhunter99

    Bad times for my great-grandchildren..

    I am sorry to hear of your loss Carl. Praying for your family. He was too young.
  16. kyhunter99

    Another senseless treestand death

    They didn't have the internet back then. Now we can hear about every case that gets reported through local news stations across the country. lil different.
  17. kyhunter99

    How big??????

    One more year away from booner
  18. kyhunter99

    Most Mines are Lost!

    Lol, dang ya'll got plenty of beef to go with that salt dont ya? Just reporting what I read. I'd say they probably can't set half the state on fire all at once RL but that's just me.
  19. kyhunter99


    One thing is an absolute certainty. And that is 'Time will tell.'
  20. kyhunter99

    Most Mines are Lost!

    I just read 2 articles in Ky Afield (fall 2022 edition) that touched on their plans to reclaim the mine areas for elk, the department is seeking a grant from the Rocky Mountain elk foundation for aerial spraying to destroy the Olive and sericea plants, and the other article states KDFW and Ky...

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