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  1. Meatstick

    Breaking in your rifle barrel

    I have a couple Coopers, and a few custom barrels on different guns. They ALL recommend some sort of break in, but I can't see where it makes a difference. By the time you get to shooting for optimum accuracy, it's well broke in
  2. Meatstick

    Breaking in your rifle barrel

    Never have. Seems unnecessary
  3. Meatstick

    Rumor bunch of COs quit?????

    Somethin about migratory bird treaties. Hell maybe it was related to ducks, but it's Messico's fault.
  4. Meatstick

    Rumor bunch of COs quit?????

    Mexico's National bird years ago, or migratory bird treaties or something. Messicans said they were gonna smoke bald eagles unless we put a season on their national bird. Story I read somewhere, at least. They need a migratory treaty for sure, but not on crows.
  5. Meatstick

    It’s science!!!!!!

    My biggest fear, currently. My 3 kids are awesome for the time being. 13, 8, and 1. Time will tell how they turn out, but I'm doin my damndest, be certain.
  6. Meatstick

    What’s that there sauce

    I gave up as a youngin. It's "Dubya" sauce now
  7. Meatstick

    Ruger 77

    I got rid of one in a 7mm Mag, the old skeleton stock. Kickinest gun I've ever owned. Shoulda sent it off for a brake, but it was unbearable
  8. Meatstick

    Who's still holding a buck ticket?

    My guess is pressure. The way I understand, you have a hard time getting in unnoticed. Lay out a couple weeks and they get comfortable again.
  9. Meatstick

    Quality Matters

    He's pretty close. Great gun with a chit scope is a chit gun. Chit gun with a good scope is a good gun, usually.
  10. Meatstick

    Deer season in the life of an old Carp

    Hopin for you a quick recovery Carp. I'm fighting a good stout case of strep right now, myself. But barring a downpour in the morning, I'm finally gonna climb a tree with a longbow again. It's been 11 months. Junk shoulder really took a shine to that cortisone shot, and it's almost normal for me...
  11. Meatstick

    Quality Matters

    All my hunting guns wear a Leupold, even my crossguns. They do everything a scope should be good at for around here, real well. I love a Leupold, but I have a couple big Nightforce scopes on bench guns that plum put them to shame. And there are a few that'll put a Nightforce to shame. It can...
  12. Meatstick

    Still looking for ammo??

    Don't guess I've ever even seen one without a brake. They're necessary IMO
  13. Meatstick

    Creedmore cringe

    Shew, I'm never gonna do that math
  14. Meatstick

    Redneck blind review

    Reckon it seals good enough to keep wasps out?? I'd give good money for that feature, alone
  15. Meatstick

    Still looking for ammo??

    Seen those in there the other day. They haven't went up as much as the common stuff though, believe it or not
  16. Meatstick

    300 win mag

    Long range and deer, I'd run a 150gr
  17. Meatstick

    Venison jerky

    How dare you. Nothin a spike hammer won't fix
  18. Meatstick

    Venison jerky

    Oh I hear ya, and I do too. But for a marinated slab jerky, Dale's is where it's at. But I am gonna try the way you describe too. Hadn't ever thought about it but it just makes sense. Just alot of damn work lol
  19. Meatstick

    Venison jerky

    Or, hear me out, just use only Dale's lol. I've tried to beat it for 20 years and can't.

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