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    Snake, what kind?

    From where it was located and its coloration, it is most likely a Midland Water Snake, which is a sub species of Northern Water Snake.
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    Snake, what kind?

    Midland Water Snake Nerodia sipedon pleuralis
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    Where to post items for sale?

    I am looking for a place to post some reloading equipment I have for sale. I don't want to break any of the forum rules. Where can I post items for sale?
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    North to the Northwoods!

    Yeah, I was hoping for better weather this year.
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    North to the Northwoods!

    I will be there in 5 days. Looking at the 10 day weather forecast, it's not looking good. Rain the first three days I'll be there.
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    North to the Northwoods!

    Are you in Michigan?
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    North to the Northwoods!

    Go to Rudolph Ousley in Prestonsburg. Best vet and best prices. He's a bird hunter and treats hunters right.
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    North to the Northwoods!

    28 days and a wakeup............................. Is that too far away to be counting?
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    No Birdman you have to be a migratory bird biologist to know that. I'm a biologist and I didn't know that. But of course I am botanist, I don't have to worry about my study subjects just up and flying off if the conditions aren't right for them.
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    I may have missed it in the forum, but what is the pups breeding?

    I may have missed it in the forum, but what is the pups breeding?
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    Adopted a German Shorthair Pointer

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but, I really like the looks of that dog even if it doesn't have a tail. There I said it.:D Now, all kidding aside, I think that you probably have your hands on something good. I would go to Jonesy's, he is excellent at bringing a dog to his potential. He's...
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    Need a dog trainer

    Mark, If I were you I would advise your friend to give Jonesy a call. Remind me tomorrow and I'll give you the info. He is great with any type of gun dog (pointing, flushing and retrieving). No bull and is totally honest about every aspect of the dogs training. Jack
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    Grouse Hunters

    Snow in the UP There is a forecast of snow for Fri. and Sat. in Wetmore MI. Hopefully the cold temps. and percipitation will knock down some of the cover.
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    My son's first squirrel!

    That is awesome! I still remember my first squirrel, my grandfather couldn't make me sit still to get the other one in the same tree, I had to go pick it up. Came from a huge beech tree on our family farm. It's no longer there, the farm was strip mined. But I'll always remember it.
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    Grouse Hunters

    Dropped Roscoe off at Jonesy's yesterday, to brush up on his birds. Pick him up on the 20th and off to MI.
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    I didn't know that you had knee surgery. Are you going to be able to hunt in the UP?

    I didn't know that you had knee surgery. Are you going to be able to hunt in the UP?
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    Grouse Hunters

    Yes, my brother and I are leaving either late on the 20th or very early on the 21st.
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    Grouse Hunters

    See you there.
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    New Dog Pictures

    Found this on another site, thought it was awesome.
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    strange bird

    If I could see the other side I might be able to id it for you. But, it's been at least 10 years since I have seen one close up (around here).

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