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  1. westkybanded

    207 class deer down in Shelby County ?

    Don't you hate that?! Different class...
  2. westkybanded

    207 class deer down in Shelby County ?

    Back in your hole rummy! I said that was supposed to be private between me and the Bob.
  3. westkybanded

    207 class deer down in Shelby County ?

    Well, that's embarrassing... That should have been a pm... ^^^
  4. westkybanded

    207 class deer down in Shelby County ?

    My suggestion would be to message buckfever and ask him. Most people don't know it, but he keeps a database going back YEARS on Shelby County class specific deer. The only thing you'll have to keep in mind is that you'll have to be VERY specific about the exact class of deer that you need the...
  5. westkybanded

    Never gave much thought to a Bald Eagle being

    Someplace I've got a picture of a bald eagle with its' head up a dead coyote's guts. The vultures had picked at it for a week or so, and finally left it. Then the eagle came in. They're cool birds, but just vultures.
  6. westkybanded

    Paducah is a ...

    I live an hour away. I bet I haven't been three times in the last 5 years.
  7. westkybanded

    Wanting to replicate the Lexington 4 board fence

    We maintained a big real board fence on my place as a kid. Posts were all natural cedar and locust (cured) and we never used any concrete in setting them. 8 foot posts, sunk about 2.5 feet deep. Bought all our lumber rough cut from the amish. It'll hold paint a lot longer. Absolutely make...
  8. westkybanded

    Be aware if you hunt public land

    Let's get to the bottom line. What WMA is it, and where are you seeing ducks?
  9. westkybanded


    Lol... a ceiling price? So... Give us a hint... Who's been lined up for this thing?
  10. westkybanded

    Custom 1911

    Was it a semi-auto? .45 cal? Grip safety? Hammer? Might be mine.
  11. westkybanded

    Water Weight/Butcher's Thumb

    Mr Doublenought, No, Turkey- I think if you'll trim your fillets down to smaller pieces, you'll notice that the water cooks out a little better, and the flesh will stay firmer through the cooking process. No thicker than 3/4", and maybe 2.5-3" across? I've never bought catfish from a...
  12. westkybanded

    KY Lawmaker Bribes Mine Inspector

    Anyone surprised by it being Keith Hall? Anyone? Obviously a conspiracy... Lol...
  13. westkybanded

    Panama City Stingray Trip

    Any of you that vacation further West in Pensacola, Perdido, or Orange Beach, I can't say enough good things about Liquid Trails charters. Great time!! He'll put you on the big rays, and big numbers too!
  14. westkybanded

    Selling logs?

    If you can find some big enough to make a log, it may be able to be used as veneer. I've seen some mulberry wood furniture that was stunning.
  15. westkybanded

    Derby Pie?

    Better be careful calling it "Derby Pie"... That's a trademarked and copyrighted recipe... They've filed like 20something lawsuits against folks for using the NAME derby pie.
  16. westkybanded

    South Carolina Cop

    Is this the story? If not, give us a link. Seems far fetched that the exact same scenario plays out within a day or two in the same state.
  17. westkybanded

    Holder to RESIGN!!!
  18. westkybanded

    SBR's delayed....

    If you were to make a .223/556 and then add a drop-in .22lr kit later, would you be ok or not?
  19. westkybanded


    Don't overcook it. I like mine still pretty rare in the middle.
  20. westkybanded

    Black mass....whatever

    Who CARES what a bunch of backwards folks do on their own time??

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