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    Rock bass

    Caught a yellow perch in that same channel a couple of years ago. Shocked, although I shouldn't have been I guess. Hadn't seen one of them since the last time I went small mouth fishin on St. Claire.
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    Certainly not asking for specifics, but what part of Montana? Been thinking about that trip as...

    Certainly not asking for specifics, but what part of Montana? Been thinking about that trip as well. All public land WIA? God bless, and thanks!
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    still have the .223?

    still have the .223?
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    Taylorsville Lake

    If you have a cast net and can find a school of the 4"-5" shad, you're in business anywhere you go! No better bait than what the lake provides naturally.
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    Back from a Canoe/Camping trip along the Canadian border BWCA

    We did that trip last year. Beautiful country, beautiful scenery, and yes; the small mouth are everywhere and mighty hungry!
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    Stripper report

    Shad was up more and longer Saturday night than I've seen in awhile. Decent number of fish breaking between 1:00-4:00.
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    School Closing Extended

    Huntress, do your children attend public or private schools?
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    School Closing Extended

    Sounds like we desperately need turkey season to hurry up and begin...………:cool:
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    March 23 devotional. Gotta believe

    Good stuff~! Especially the "if you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to prosecute you" scenario. Great example of self reflection!
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    Bird Dog Wanted

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    Super bowl half time show.

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    Back in the day...

    Find any birds in all that rabbit cover? Had a hunt I was gonna do in North Central Kansas years ago as I mapped out Walk In Areas that had the highest density for combinations of quail, pheasant, and the occasional prairie chicken. My male setter went sick on me that fall and later died so I...
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    Black Friday Savings

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    Lock down

    Get in the woods and off the field edges until this full moon is over. Plenty of bucks on the move this weekend, but deep in the woods and ravines of Lake Malone. Unfortunately, nothing bigger than 110" 8 points, otherwise, I was so deep I'd still be trying to drag him out!
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    She did it again!

    Sweet! Way to go young lady!
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    This week or next?

    I'm pushing my chips in the center for 1/2 day (afternoon and evening) today because of the full moon, snow, cold, and weather front that has pushed through.
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    Opening Day

    Love it! Nothing like tradition at squirrel camp. Makes me wish I'd never grown old~!
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    Slingshot Small Hunting!

    Love to help you, but I can't. Only "game" I've killed with a slingshot was a cardinal sitting in the mulberry tree back in 1978, and after stashing it behind the garage and telling my little brother about it, Mom overheard me and used my wrist-rocket to beat me half to death! ;-)

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