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    My son shoots an scores on nice Richmond Buck

    First Kentucky buck, He has several in Missouri. Shot Sunday morning on a local farm. Quite proud of him.
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    Was driving back from Colorado today. Saw hundreds of snows in the cut con fields and many more in the air, heading south, on I-64,halfway between Mt.Vernon and Evansville.Hopefully the cold front will push them to you.
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    Question painting aluminum boat

    Wanting to camo a aluminum boat. Do need to sand off existing paint. Do I need to use a primer before adding the base coat, duck brown?
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    best archery point for turkey?

    Body shot fixed or expandable? My goal is to harvest a turkey with a bow this year.
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    How long do you have to wait after killing bull before applying again.

    My son killed Bull in 2012. How long do you have to wait before applying again, 3 Years ? Can he apply for a cow tag?
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    Public land around Kentucky Lake

    Just found out my work is sending me to Kentucky Lake area, near dam for 5 days end of April. Any suggestions to public land in area for Turkeys. Plan on trying some casting and blasting. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Electronic decoys legal in Kentucky?

    Just wandering are electronic moving decoys legal in Kentucky?
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    Duck -Goose guide needed

    I need a duck hunting guide. I have an 18 year old son that really wants to learn how to Duck hunt. Can anyone recommend someone. I live in Richmond and a school teacher. So my pockets aren't deep. I never have duck hunted so I can't help him. I understand we may need to go to W.Ky Thanks
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    High rise blind question?

    How long will it take for deer to feel comfortable around a 10 foot high wooden blind. Was planning on putting in middle of a 40 acre food plot. Would it be better on field edge? Primarily going to be used for kids and deer. My brothers youth season is this weekend ( Missouri) Just purchased a...
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    how many is too many-decoys

    With a strutting jake how many hens would u put with him.
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    Thanks to Lost Mountain guys

    Big thanks to Jerry Stacy and the Lost Mountian crew. My son was drawn for and Bull archery tag. Due to an injury and surgery he was given a crossbow exemption. The Doctor just cleared him last week. Jerry has been very informative and helpfull during the entire episode. We started hunting at...
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    Can you use oven claener on dirty Masterbuilt

    Can you use oven cleaner on dirty Masterbuilt I have a Masterbuilt electric smoker. It set for a year without cleaning. Can you use a oven cleaner on ther inside? Any other suggestions. Thanks
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    Deer Decoy this week? Bow hunting

    I have about 10 active scrapes on the fence line that my tree stand is on. Open, very overgrown field, bedding area. I have about a 20 foot lane cut around field. Going to try stop a buck coming by my stand. Is it too late for a buck decoy? Use a doe ? or non at all? Justtrying get his...
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    Need Help = Please

    My son was drawn for an Archery Bull tag. Two weeks ago he fractured and dislalocated his elbow playing football. He was very good with his bow out to 40 yds (less than 4 inch groupings). That's out. we want to salvage his once in a lifetime hunt. A friend of mine loaned us crossbow. A Horton...
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    Good luck to bad

    My son was lucky enough to draw a Bull archery tag. All set with an outfitter, in less than two weeks. Friday night fractured his elbow in a football game. His senior season looks to be over and elk hunt postponed. It is his draw hand elbow. We were so looking forward to being in the woods...
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    Please recommend taxadermist

    My son has drawn a Bull archery tag. Can anyone recommend a taxadermist in SE Ky. What is generally the cost of a shoulder mount. I'm a school teacher, so price does matter.
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    Son got drawn for Bull Archery tag -EH any suggestions

    My son got drawn, anyone want to make suggetions on what areas would be good for archery hunt.We might look into hiring a guide. This is a once in a lifetime hunt. We have put in since the start.
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    cost for archery range time

    what does most archery ranges charge for shooting?
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    first try at venison summer sausge- need a little help

    We made our first batch of venison summer sausge, turned out delicious. We smoke it for an hour at 140, one hour at 160 and three at 180 till we got internal temp. of 158. We used 4 parts venison to 2 part 50/50 pork fat. The only problem was it turned out just a little crumbly, not bad . It...
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    Is "Jess"on the dominoes comercial Male or female

    Just wandering, or is like "pat" that use to be saturday night live.:confused

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