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  1. racsr

    Who's still holding a buck ticket?

    Still have mine only have bucks on camera at night. I was injured the week before rifle season so it’s been tough
  2. racsr

    Unit 6 general cow tag week 1 rifle

    I hope you are having better luck than I. Haven’t seen any elk on the areas I’ve scouted
  3. racsr

    Nov. 6th, who’s out?

    My sons and I hunted quota at Veterans. Only 2 deer all weekend. One was my youngest.
  4. racsr

    Any cows in unit six

    Green legacy south near border.
  5. racsr

    Any cows in unit six

    Anyone see any cows I’m with out a Lea in unit six. Haven’t seen anything in the few areas I can hunt. Any help would be much appreciated thanks
  6. racsr


    In 1989 I was hunting a piece of state owned land with my Dad. He was in his 70s with a bad heart we planned of going in about 1/8 mile and take a 90 degree left turn. And it was as 3/5 mile out to the other dirt rd Well I could not see him in the thick brush about 500 yards in. I made the...
  7. racsr

    42 years… time to move on.

    Sad that seems to be happening more and more.
  8. racsr

    Gloves or red hands

    You can always catch me red handed. Lol
  9. racsr

    Youth Weekend

    Heres the best to you and yours all the youth hunters be safe have fun listen to the adults shoot the big ones God bless y’all
  10. racsr

    Quota hunt results are up

    Thanks we have our 2 nd choice deer Should be a good hunt. Hope everyone has a good hunt stay safe God Bless!
  11. racsr

    Unit 3 tag filled

  12. racsr

    Youth tag filled!!!

    Excellent congratulations
  13. racsr

    Tales of encouragment

    Last season last day of rifle. It had been a slow year couldn’t get out as much as I wanted because I was helping my middle Son redo a old farm house he bought in February. He had completely gutted it so plumbing electric insulation walls windows doors everything. We were installing about 30...
  14. racsr

    KY Archery elk report

    Congrats on your bowl you’ve got meat that’s what matters It is getting harder and harder to get any elk never mind big one. Congratulations. Enjoy the delicious meat you earned it. God bless
  15. racsr

    The 10 point xbow is on the money

    That looks great hope you get a big one
  16. racsr

    Colorado DIY

    Good job congrats
  17. racsr

    New Mexico Antelope Hunt

    Wish you all the best enjoy and be safe God bless
  18. racsr

    RA/unit results

    I’ve seen that You have helped Several people in the past years I want to thank you for that
  19. racsr

    RA/unit results

    I got unit 6. For cow 1. Don’t have a clue all the property that was open last year is now tug fork. Hopefully I can find something.
  20. racsr

    Bless again

    If I were you I’d feel very much the same way. I don’t know how I have been blessed so much or those others that have gone multiples like myself I’ve been blessed to do so I just know that drawing is legit just wish there was a way of making it so more people could be drawn I truly hope that’s...

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