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  1. daking

    Grandson on the way!

    As some of you might know, my first grandchild is going to be born about April 1. Today, my daughter and son in law found out it will be a son. I've got to start laying back dough for the kid's first tackle box, fishing rod and .22 rifle. After all, no progeny of mine will be without the...
  2. daking

    Recuperation musings

    BULLY PULPIT This month we’ve got a special bully pulpit to explain a rather cryptic message in the last newsletter. Consider it if you will. Those of you who read the June edition of the 'Creeker Gazette realize I've been sick. Really sick, as in the doctors gave me an 80/20 shot of needing...
  3. daking

    One of the great ones is gone

    As many of you may know, one of the great ones passed Saturday. Hugh Adamson, former Third District president and director and former KWFF president spun off this mortal coil on Saturday, January. It would be difficult to find someone who has done more for the League, the KWFF and for...
  4. daking

    My daughter gets married

    My daughter got married this weekend. Beautiful weather, wonderful ceremony, great reception and most importantly a time to be together with wonderful family and friends to celebrate the union of two wonderful young folks. It was among the happiest days of my entire life. If you think Il a...
  5. daking

    Who is David Hadland

    Does anyone know David Hadland?
  6. daking

    Does anyone know who's behind
  7. daking

    Sand Hill Crane Alert

    This article appeared in the 'Creeker Gazette. Please give it a read and act upon it accordingly. Folks, politics have reared its ugly head again. No, it’s not intrigue in the League or anything of that nature. The most important political football being kicked about is the proposal to...
  8. daking

    Kentucky's National Champion.....BELLARMINE

    I don't care if you're a UK fan, a UL fanatic, hate (or in rare cases love) Duke or have any other rootin' interest in the remaining teams in the NCAA Tournament. You have to love the fact that little Bellarmine University is the NCAA DII national champion. A bunch of non-scholarship players...
  9. daking

    Next Fifth District Meeting

    Can anyone tell me when the next fifth district meeting will take place and where it would be held?
  10. daking

    Strader's lawsuit

    The district judge of the Eastern Division of Kentucky dismissed almost every allegation put forth in Jimbo's lawsuit. The ones left must be tried as a matter of fact and not law. Those that are left are likely to be beaten by the tapes contained in Strader's show. It would appear that the...
  11. daking

    And who is the most successful basketball team in the Commonwealth?

    Tell me, folks, who is the most successful team in Kentucky collegiate basketball?
  12. daking

    What sportsman of the year has just been kicked out of the league

    What sportsman of the year got kicked out of the LEague today?
  13. daking

    What's this I hear about Jim Strader Leaving his own magazine?

    What's this I hear about Jim Strader leaving his own magazine? Another dispute?
  14. daking

    Political Season Now that the political season is in full swing, it's time to take a real-life view of the situation. Plug in the name of your favorite (or least favorite) politician. They're all the same
  15. daking

    And we wonder why we're screwed Adding a few military personnel to Guam is going to make it tip over and fall into the sea? Maybe we should have a joint house and senate junket there and with any luck they'll tip it over, fall into the sea and we'll have an...
  16. daking


    Xavier University is now in the Sweet Sixteen. Ahead of Kansas, Louisville, Murray and a whole lot of other folks. Not bad for a 5000 student school that demands that athletes be able to read and write.
  17. daking

    New Group?

    Is anyone familiar with the Kentucky Sportsmen's Alliance?
  18. daking

    Herald Leader Tomorrow If you read the Herald-Leader, give it a look-see tomorrow. Sonny Boy, a Junior at UK in the Journalism School has his first front-page byline. Not too bad for a hockey-boy spawned by this old, gray-headed old fart. The only truly...
  19. daking

    Need Help

    Hey all you trappers out there. We need some help. There are a series of beavers that are playing hell with the trees on our river bank at our boat club. None of us know squat about trapping and we've had no luck at taking potshots at the beavers when we get a glimpse of them. Would any of...
  20. daking

    Let the games begin Get comfortable in your recliner, grab a salty snack and your favorite cool beverage. The reality show of the season is about to premiere.

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