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  1. cfd266

    Sons first buck with a bow

    I am late posting this, but here is my son Jacobs first buck with a bow and his biggest buck so far. He has had a few opportunities in the past, but never quite closed deal. He was extremely excited to say the least. He put an excellent shot on the deer, but it was one of the hardest tracking...
  2. cfd266

    Beagles lost at Benjy Kinman

    My son and some friend took the dogs out yesterday to the Kentucky River WMA. They got on a rabbit and he couldn't get them back. They have shock collars on the along with regular collars and name plates with mine and my sons numbers. I went back this morning and have walked and called for them...
  3. cfd266

    A few good bucks

    Here are a few pics of some bucks I am hoping someone in my family will be able to harvest this year. I would love to see one of my kids or my wife be able to put an arrow in one of them.
  4. cfd266

    Sons first turkey on his own!

    My 16 year old son got this Jake with out Dad's help this morning. Was calling to some birds way off when a few jakes snuck in. I am very proud he was able to do it without me.
  5. cfd266

    Not much turkey action, but still having fun.

    Haven't heard the first gobble yet this morning, but having a great morning with my daughter. Did have a couple hens sneak in on us before we knew it. Thus year is the first time she has ever been excited to go turkey hunting and the dang birds won't cooperate. Been hearing gobbling for a week...
  6. cfd266

    Check out these spurs!!!

    Check out the spur on the right leg of this old boy. Can't really see much about the other one, but the one on the right is huge. Not to shabby of a beard either.
  7. cfd266

    Basement insulation

    Anyone ever put rigid insulation directly against the concrete basement wall. I have been doing a little researchand it sounds like it may help some with my heating bills. I have a walkout basement with the walkout wall being insulated and dry walled. I have done quit a bit of sealing the rim...
  8. cfd266

    Got a few bunnies today!

    Went rabbit hunting today with some good friends. Only got 5 but had a great time. Dogs worked great, jumped a lot of bunnies just couldn't get quality shots, pretty thick areas we were hunting. Had an absolute blast though.
  9. cfd266

    Tonights dinner!!!!

    Deer steaks, marinated on Italian dressing and wrapped in bacon. Some asparagus, squash and zucchini. Oh, and of course a Bud Light to help wash it all down.
  10. cfd266

    Boston Butt on Masterbuilt Smoker

    Found on sale at Kroger the other day, rubbed down yesterday morning, wrapped and put in the fridge till this morning. In the Masterbuilt around 9:30 with some cherry wood chips. Just pulled out, wrapped in foil and a towel. Gonna pull it in a couple hours. Actually got to 195 a little sooner...
  11. cfd266

    My daughter hunting by herself

    Talked my little girl into sitting by herself in a homemade blind right behind the house. Told her anything goes tonight. It would be awesome if she could shoot something by herself. I can see the spot where she will be shooting from the living room window. Normally we would not shoot a button...
  12. cfd266

    Whole chickens in electric smoker

    Needing a little advice on smoking chickens in Masterbuilt electric smoker. Never done it before, but wanting to tomorrow. Pentail, I hope you see this cause you are the king of smoking!
  13. cfd266

    Nephew gets a good one at Ft. Knox

    My nephew got this dandy buck this morning at Ft. Knox. I am very proud of him. Shot it with a Mossberg 500 he got for Christmas last year. Way to go Bailey!!!
  14. cfd266

    Who is braving the weather

    I love hunting in a little snow, but man it is cold with the wind blowing. Stand is covered in ice and it's still spitting a little here, but I have big hopes that me or my son will see something. Good luck to everyone who is out today.
  15. cfd266

    What do your guys think, shooters or not?

    Here are a couple of bucks from this year. The second one is a buck I have pics of from last year and I think he is at leas 4 1/2, but the other one I can't make an honest judgement on. I know he is a great looking buck and one my boys, wife and daughter will not pass up with a bow, but I am...
  16. cfd266

    GOT MY TARGET BUCK!!!!!! (Long read)

    I finally got a chance to harvest this buck after having trail cam pics the last 2 years. We had a few pics of him last year and actually saw him from my sons bedroom window at night when there was snow on the ground. My 15 year old son saw him earlier this season while bowhunting, but he came...
  17. cfd266

    Look what my son had at 16 yards, but couldn't get a shot

    Came in straight at him, was 16 yards, might have winded him. Just turned and went straight back the way he came. Didn't appear to be spooked so hopefully he comes back! Jake was so tore up he could hardly talk when he called to tell me. Hope he gets him, but I can't imagine how he will act...
  18. cfd266

    Son gets his first deer on his own!!!

    My 15 year old got his first deer Saturday afternoon all by himself. Of course I did help him track it and clean it, but very proud of him. It turned put to be a button buck and he was a little upset with hself, but it was only his second bow kill and first alone so I didn't really care. I did...
  19. cfd266

    Still growing pretty good!!!

    Finally got a few more pics of this buck and I am loving the way his turning out. He brought a friend along this time and he isn't too bad himself. Here is the link to the earlier post with pics from early June!!!!
  20. cfd266

    Growing very well!!!!

    Got pics of the buck only a few times, but man is he growing. The second pic has the wrong date obviously, it was 6/6/13. I can't wait to see how he ends up.

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