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  1. usmcvet06

    New Food Plot

    I've ordered 4 acres worth of biologic BioMass All Legume. Has anyone ever used this blend before? If so, what were your results and opinions on this blend?
  2. usmcvet06

    This is hilarious!
  3. usmcvet06

    Will this be the year??!!

    I've put in for the draw since it started and 3 weeks ago I went to Inez to visit my wifes college friend and her and her husband took us to see some elk. I got out of the car and walked within 25 yards of a 6x6 and it got me fired up. That was the first time ive seen an elk that close. I'm...
  4. usmcvet06

    Where can I buy bobwhite quail?

    Hey guys I'm getting ready to start a 50 acre plot for quail and dove. We have a few wild quail now but we're looking to boost the population. Do you know where I can buy some birds?
  5. usmcvet06

    Obama interview

    This is pretty funny stuff. Scroll down and watch the video;)...
  6. usmcvet06

    New gun mounted light

    I was reading on the FoxPro forum and the guys recommended ordering a this red LED light from Singapore.... well I bit the bullet and bought it. It has a gun mount and is a red 600 lumen with a pressure switch. $34 shipped. I would never buy direct like that because of wanting to try to buy...
  7. usmcvet06

    Well my wingman missed

    We went out last night at 9 and called in two yotes at the 28 minute mark. We were setting up against a large oak in the middle of the field. We seen eyes at 250 yard and within 30 seconds they were within 40yrds. I was the light man and the way I was sitting they ran directly behind me and to...
  8. usmcvet06

    Killin em at night?

    Just curious as to how many of you all are killing them at night. Me and my hunting buddy have been a few times with responses but never a commitment. We were out last night and had 3 different packs within 200 yards. My thought process is if I'm gonna hunt them at night I"m going to hunt the...
  9. usmcvet06

    Devil Dogs Attention on DECK!

    Yote Yoda and I have been talking and sharing our different generations of war stories and boot camp stories. We thought we should see just how many Marines we have on here? Hell maybe we can all get together and throw a modern day Tun Tavern bash. Ive enjoyed his stories and always welcome a...
  10. usmcvet06

    Tuff Guy

    Took one to the head on a dead run at 160yds and two follow up shots behind both shoulders.
  11. usmcvet06

    Well I'm now High Speed Low Drag

    I finally took the plunge and bought an Iphone. I'm impressed this thing does everything but breathe for you and I wouldn't be surprised if the come out with an app for that soon...
  12. usmcvet06

    New Toy

    Any AR guys on here?
  13. usmcvet06

    Texas Trip

    Well my hunt was a blast. I shot 1 buck 3 hogs and a javelina.
  14. usmcvet06


    Heres a question guys.. I shot a buck saturday 10yards from the base of the tree. Im aboout 17' up and hit 4" below the spine quartering away maybe 5" behind the front shoulder. He ran 20yrds stopped with the arrow sticking out. The pictures below are of the blood he dropped in the first few...
  15. usmcvet06

    Good Luck Everyone

    I'm getting ready to head out and just wanted to say good luck. Taking the bow out today... Be safe!
  16. usmcvet06

    Good buck

    He's a pig.
  17. usmcvet06

    South Texas Hunting Trip

    Headed to south Texas in Mid December. I hope to get a nice buck for the wall and a few hogs. Anyone hunted S. Texas before? I am pumped.
  18. usmcvet06

    New buck

    Whats he score and age?
  19. usmcvet06

    Look out Flowmasters!
  20. usmcvet06

    Before and After

    Here is a camo paint job I did for a guy at the office. What I learned in the Marines LOL!