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    Building Farm Fishing Pond

    Looking for a 1/2 acre fishing pond. Any pointers? I have a contractor in mind with a great pond building reputation including digging our houses foundation. Does the state help with the construction costs or just the stocking of the pond? I've uploaded a rough sketch. Thanks for any advice...
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    Paw identification

    Hello folks Longtime no talk Ladies and Gents. I need some help identifying the culprit trying to get into to the chicken coop based off the picture. If y'all can identify buster trying to get in I would appreciate everyone's thoughts on 'moving' the problem. Thanks in advance!
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    A great morning in the woods

    It was a very active morning in Campbell County today. I was lucky to harvest this 9 pointer at 7:39 this morning hot on the trail of a doe. I was stoked to find his trail cam picture only 1 occurrence dating back to October 26th.
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    Outdoor Wood Boiler - Opinions needed

    How do you heat your home? I'm thinking of purchasing a new Natures Way Wood Boiler 170. We blow through about $1400 a year on propane and this will help ease that pain. It's the upfront costs that hurts ($7,500) but will almost eliminate the Propane by about 80% usage. I was hoping to gain...
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    Campbell County coyote trapping opportunity

    Is there anyone interested in trapping for coyotes in Campbell county? I tried the contacts that KY Fish and Wildlife provide for Campbell county with nobody answering or they moved out of the area. Anybody that is experienced and interested please let me know. Thanks
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    Anybody a RAM truck salesman?

    I'm looking for some straight answers. In working with dealerships from Southern Ohio to Central KY I'm having some issues on getting straight answers on price.
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    Farm tax exempt questions

    For those of you that have a farm. How do you leverage tax exempt items. Have you ever gotten tax exempt for a new farm vehicle (truck) or pole barn? I'm starting to think it's a bunch of red tape that ends up not saving the farmer any $ in the long run. Your thoughts are appreciated.
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    Tractor Ideas and Opinions

    With purchasing our house with 14 acres. It's going to need some work as it hasn't been worked at all, just overgrown. The previous owner had a zero turn for mowing 3 grass acres and a single path in the fields. With that said what do recommend for some finish mowing on 3 acres and some rough...
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    Home Security System

    Long time no posts. I thought I would stop back to you folks for your opinions. We are under contract for purchasing a home and farm (woohooo). It's far off the road and we both work full time jobs so the home will be empty for at least 10 hour a day. With that said other than your...
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    Southern Campbell County Deer?

    Anybody have any news on this? Last night I was on a drive (looking for, for sale by owners houses) and I saw a large crowd at this barn with a bakers dozen of pickup trucks and 2 game wardens. I figure someone had to of dropped a big buck to garner that much attention. Anybody have any info...
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    Looking for a new/used Lockout Handle

    I'm in a world of hurt if I want to get back on the water this year. My Lockout Handle is broken on my 1993 Bass Tracker with an Evinrude 40HP Outboard motor. Does anybody have any leads for this? The part from factory is $5 but they don't make them anymore. I found 1 place that sold their...
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    Cabin Rental in Gatlinburg

    I haven't any luck with finding what we (The wife) wants to stay in Gatlinburg. Do any of you all have rentals or recommend a cabin or chalet? Looking for 2bed, 2bath with a mountain view. Everything we find that we like is booked. Thanks for the help! When is SPRING coming??? :)
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    House with Acreage in Campbell County

    I'm striking out at all the places we have looked so I'm taking to the forum. Do you all have any leads for a possible home for sale in Southern Campbell County with preferably 5 or more acres? I've looked high and low luck. Thanks if you might have a...
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    Mortgage questions

    Do we have a resident Mortgage Loan Officer in the house? I would like to ask you some questions if you don't mind.
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    Making Sorghum

    Anybody on here make Sorghum? If so I would like to pick your brain. Thanks in advance.
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    Shooting while Pregnant?

    Anybody have any experience in this? My wife is pregnant (1st Trimester) and were going to take the CCDW class. But I would like her to shot some practice rounds prior to the class...etc... See any problem in that?
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    .40 S & W ammo

    Where do you all buy your ammo online? I've been looking with not so much luck.
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    Reds Playoff Games

    Did anybody else get lucky and get any tickets to the NLDS? I got lucky and got 2 Club seats!! Free food and non alcoholic beverages. (Montgomery Inn BBQ, Larosas Pizza, Popcorn, Peanuts, Dogs, Sausages, Burgers) that's all included in the ticket!! I had to pinch myself after I purchased...
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    Uncle Ted having FUN

    Man this looks like a blast. Where do I sign up?
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    Lock UP your LAND

    Lock up your land they will be coming in by the tractor trailer loads after this award...

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