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  1. Triton

    WTB YOUTH 20

    WTB youth 20 gauge auto. Anything for sale ??
  2. Triton

    Rough score

    Someone give me a rough score on this little guy!!!
  3. Triton

    North Dakota

    Heading up for a hunt in Oct. Anyone have any good advice. We will freelancing.
  4. Triton


    Def a shooter. Just looking for a rough score??
  5. Triton


    Really blows today. :(
  6. Triton


    Dont really ask for much advise to often but.. The crew and i been thinking about a public hunt in ark. I'd rather hit the timber but i'm up for suggestions. Any one care to share a little info??
  7. Triton

    Can't get much better!!!!

    Of a picture that is!!!
  8. Triton

    Cricket Question

    I've had all I can take. I pick up and flush about 10 crickets from my master bath everyday. I hardly ever get them from another place in the house. I do have hundreds that live and die in the garage but the master bath is on the other end of the house. Anyone ever seen this? Where are they...
  9. Triton


    Somebody give me a rough score.
  10. Triton

    No Honneyyyyy

    Bun's that it. Started saturday morning with a 4 man limit by 8:20. Off to watch the cat's spank up on dem dogsss. Then back for another 2 man limit this morning. Had to enjoy dem festivities before the season went out.
  11. Triton

    How bout them Cats?

    What else is there to say. :confused:
  12. Triton

    Ready to GO!!!

    She's ready to go!!!! And after the 4 month vacation she just got home from i'm ready to put her to work. Sorry the pic ain't the greatest.
  13. Triton

    Dog names

    Just got a new addition for christmas. 7 week old black female. What are some good female names? Anyone got any?
  14. Triton

    O COW HiNnY

    Having there DU dinner this saturday night. Doors open at 6 i believe. Be giving away several guns and the normal prints and auction. The food will be from the world famous MOON LIGHT BBQ. Also be giving away lots of stuff from Avery as well. It will be held at the Ohio County High School.
  15. Triton

    Barrel question...

    Im going to be in the market for a new barrel for my X2. I have a small crack in tip of the current one. Any good web sites i can look at. Most likely getting a 28 inch and may look at some options such as a ported barrel or a double full, may even look at a 30inch.. Just looking for some site...
  16. Triton

    Daytona Bike Wk

    Any of you guys going down???
  17. Triton

    Crow download

    Anyone know where i can download some crow calls to my computer and burn to a CD???????
  18. Triton

    UK at ARK

    What's your guys thoughts, if we play like we did against Flordia we should be alright what you guys think????????
  19. Triton

    CrOw Question

    How many decoys do you use IF ANY, do you guys hunt from fence rows, wood lines or actual hunt inside the woods...??? Thanks for info...
  20. Triton

    Hail call to duckrocker

    You online buddy...We need to go kill them geese and all the phones are down?????? I need to communicate with ya...

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