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  1. bullet225ho

    Elk in Daniel Boone NF?

    Hey folks, Is there any elk found there way into the Daniel Boone National Forest?
  2. bullet225ho

    Daniel Boone Ntl Forest Farm For Sale 45 acres Redbird Rd, Williamsburg KY.

    Hey folks, I'm not sure where to post this but my grandparents farm is being sold. My grandmother passed recently and the farm is now for sale. 45 acres with property lines bordering Daniel Boone National Forest. Great hunting. You can hike or take atv to Cumberland River from the home...
  3. bullet225ho

    Covert Extreme Black 60 Video of Collard Bear

    Collard bear I got on video with the Extreme Black 60 in HD.
  4. bullet225ho

    A Good Thing Gone.....Covert Availability

    Well, I logged back on to Wing Supply to get 2 more MP6's and 1 more Extreme 60 Black and It seems as all things in my life....The MP6 Blacks are up to $149.00 and Extreme Black 60's are not even in stock. No Coupon code to lower the price. I guess I was lucky to get the two for what I did...
  5. bullet225ho

    Extreme Black 60 videos

    Here are some videos that I got from the Black 60 over the past few days.
  6. bullet225ho

    Covert Extreme Black 60 Survives Bear Attack!!

    Got the Extreme Black 60 out a couple of days ago. Checked it today and when I walked up it was all sideways on the tree???? Had 41 videos and the last video was this morning about 2 hours before I got to the camera. Enjoy.
  7. bullet225ho

    Covert MP6 Black, Extreme Black 60 SD Card Size/Brands?

    Just ordered a couple of Covert's and I'm looking online for some good deals for SD cards. My question is......Has anyone experienced issues with any certain brand of SD cards and the Coverts? I have a couple of different cameras now that you can NOT swap the cards between the two or they...
  8. bullet225ho

    2010 Archery Buck. Ohio County

    Hey folks, Wanted to share my bow kill with you folks. I took this deer Friday the 12th around 7am. He came out of a bottom and responded to my buddies grunt call. Unfortunately my buddie's arrow hit a limb and went just under his chest. The deer ended up walking under me and I sent a...
  9. bullet225ho

    Reported Pope and Young/Boone and Crocket Numbers?

    Hey folks. I thought I'd shoot this out to the masses in KY. I know that there is Pope and Young and Boone and Crocket scoring systems that everyone follows. And even KY Game and Fish has a list of some of these in the regulations. My question is.....How many folks do you rekon report these...
  10. bullet225ho

    11-12-2009 Archery Buck

    Hey all, Wanted to share my bow kill from yesterday evening. I took this deer at 4:35 in the evening in Ohio County. He was chasing a doe with a smaller buck. They ended up on a ridge next to me and settled down on the chasing. I grunted about 3 times at this deer at about 100 yrds and he...
  11. bullet225ho

    Lets see them pumkins

    Hey there folks, Doin a little pumkin carvin last night and thought it be fun to share with everybody here. Since it's that "big buck" time of the year I decided to carve out a big ole freak nasty punkin. Let's see ya'lls punkins.
  12. bullet225ho

    I figure this is a purty good spike

    This is on some land that I'm bowunting in middle GA. I've seen cowhorns and i've seen long and I've seen thick spikes....but I aint never seen a spike like this.
  13. bullet225ho

    Strange antler growth

    From what I've seen on trail cams this year I will make a prediction that there will be several wierd racked deer killed or seen during the 2008 season. these will range from half racks, to straight up racks, to droop racks. Several have been reported where I hunt in Ohio county and I've...
  14. bullet225ho

    Quick Question About an Idea

    Hi all. I want to run something by all of your real quick. This is the day of technology and we are all here on the internet communicating. In this new day of Smart Phones...PDA's and all other mobile devices that we all use. If there were a product that included a very very small...
  15. bullet225ho

    2007 Ohio County Bow Kill

    Hey folks, Been around for a while and finally able to post an animal I took a week ago from today 7 Nov 2007. Deer was taken in Ohio Co. with a bow late in the evening. Got in the stand around 3:15 and almost imediately had deer moveing on a ridge beside me. turned out to be a momma and...
  16. bullet225ho

    Anybody Make Their Own Crankbaits?

    Hey folks, anybody make there own lures here? I've dabbled in plastic pouring and some crankbait carving. Crankbaits seemed too hard to keep everthing symetrical from one bait to the next. I decided to start machining them. I put some on Ebay to see if anybody is interested.