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  1. mike_b

    One of these doesn't belong.

    It has gender identity issues.
  2. mike_b

    Our live decoy / avoided a fine

    Since there's some banter about what's an appropriate thread, I wanted to share that we successfully avoided shooting at this. We had seen a couple snows a few mins earlier that didn't want to commit. This landed and sat 20 feet from us as we talked and cooked and passed the time waiting for...
  3. mike_b

    Verify blind owner on USACE sites.

    On sites where the Army Corps of Engineers issued blind permits on lakes, how do you verify any punk who walks up before light and says they are the blind owner or coowner? Is there a stake with their name on it at the blind spot? Is it just whoever has the biggest entourage?
  4. mike_b

    Doe with antlers? With fawn?

    We have a weird antlered deer that keeps coming around and has 2 fawn with it. A buddy had an idea and I think he may be on to something with this being a Doe with antlers. Anyone ever seen such a thing? This thing is possibly a 3 pointer with about 6-8" tall antlers sticking nearly straight up.
  5. mike_b

    Gassett Resigns

    Just saw the news.
  6. mike_b

    Boat storage at Zilpo

    Anyone ever heard of boat storage out there for less than $100/yr? I have a buddy that does it but I haven't got all the details and the internets are coming up blank.
  7. mike_b

    Access to a small piece of land

    I was told I could hunt a small piece of land nearby, and I think its around 10 acres. It's bordered in one direction by some tracts with homes built on "pleasure farms" each 10-15 acres in size. The other direction is 100-150 acres of undeveloped land. Nearby is a 250ac tract of forestland...
  8. mike_b

    Covert external power.

    Which covert models have an external 6V power plug? I'm specifically interested in the code black ops. Wish places around here would carry in store.
  9. mike_b

    Getting started

    After some friends convinced me, I picked up some essentials and headed into the woods for my first turkey hunt. I was alone but have several planned hunts on friends and neighbors lands in the coming weeks. But for my first hunt, it was exciting. I had to go to a local WMA that I know well...
  10. mike_b

    Shed foundation what do you do?

    The Kentucky residential building code requires a permit for a shed over 120 sqft. I'm not sure about specifics but here's what my local building inspection office told me... If the building is 120-160 sqft it needs a permit for location only. If its over 160 sqft it needs a permit for location...
  11. mike_b

    Cabela's grand opening

    The one in Columbus opened Thursday, it is supposed to be similar in size to Louisville. I went by yesterday and it was a nuthouse. Already low on handgun ammo but overall they still had a lot including .223 etc and most rifle rounds. At least a local store would be good for shipping but I...
  12. mike_b

    reasonable advice on starter rifle caliber

    I've never been much of a rifle user. That isn't to say I haven't wanted one at times, but the need hasn't risen. I own several shotguns and handguns, but in an effort to get into some possible deer and predator hunting, I'm pursuing a rifle. A friend turned me on to a well-reviewed rifle and...
  13. mike_b

    What has happened to rules?

    I was at the grocery store earlier, and a man approached the manager to complain about the cashier. The man was normal looking, well dressed, appeared in his 30's and spoke with a slight accent. He explained that the cashier refused to accept his foreign passport as proof of age to buy some...
  14. mike_b

    12 minutes before LST

    Had an interesting morning, solo, at Cedar Creek lake. I should have known not to go there on a Saturday, and in general that place is difficult and has few if any birds. Saw maybe 7 birds flying this morning. Just couldn't find anyone with private land that I could hunt with and I don't have...
  15. mike_b

    quality of bird to get mounted

    I shot a teal the other day and was thinking about getting it mounted. The problem is this thing had me chasing it along the bank as a cripple (I shot a drake mallard that landed and the teal was collateral behind it), so in an effort to get it to swim out some so I could shoot it with some 3's...
  16. mike_b

    J hole water

    How's the water at Jenny Hole? Never been there but might try it sometime this year. I went to check it out last year but it was flooded. Parking area off Burbank was about as far as I could go last year. Is J hole normally too shallow for Jon boats?
  17. mike_b

    Bones in trout fillet, help?

    So I'm more used to filleting a catfish, etc. I fillet a catfish down the backbone and when I get to the rib cage, I peel the fillet up and slowly cut it from the rib cage, produces a huge fillet every time, and I enjoy the belly meat =p I took my 5yo daughter fishing in the smoky mountains...
  18. mike_b

    Quota hunts out of season?

    So does Sloughs hunt out of the regular season? Just curious since they have dates open during the split. Maybe I haven't noticed before.
  19. mike_b

    Hard work pays off

    Got my woodrow limit 15 minutes after shooting time. Got a band too. We have 0 Teal here so headed home. Left my spinners at home. How'd everyone fair?
  20. mike_b

    State can't figure out how to title my new boat

    I thought some of you here might be able to provide some suggestions, though it's funny that I even need to do this. I bought a small kayak type boat from a local sporting shop. I want to title it so I can throw a small trolling motor on it for fishing and hunting small creeks and rivers. It...

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