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  1. Bigspringhunter07

    Youth Season question

    Can we still bow hunt during the youth weekend on Private Property ?
  2. Bigspringhunter07

    pond scoop

    Man i bought a pond scoop today to use behind my massey 135 , that thing is awesome .. As soon as i got it back home i started using it today to dig a pond , best 150.00 i ever spent , I'm digging the pond close to the wood line for the deer ..
  3. Bigspringhunter07

    deer feeding question

    Anyone know the regs. on no bait sites for deer ? Is it March 1 thru May 31 st. ? I can't seem to find the reg.s
  4. Bigspringhunter07

    arc welder questions

    I'm thinking of buying a Lincoln 225 arc welder for the farm , anyone have any input on these do you like , etc. I need one for small jobs around the farm. Lowes has them for 299.00
  5. Bigspringhunter07

    Band saw mill operator question

    Hey Guys, got a question for you guys .. Anyone have any knowledge on Band saw mills.. ? I have a truck load of red cedar ends that are between 8 and 14 inches across and 3 to 6 ft. in Length. Can these be sawed up for lumber or are they to small. I hate to see them rot away when they could be...
  6. Bigspringhunter07

    Spike buck questions

    I have seen a spike on my farm with min. 8 inch spikes , I've had 2 encounters with him should he be taken out of the herd or should i wait to see if he develops next yr ? Whats every ones opinion on this ?
  7. Bigspringhunter07

    First yote on cam

    Got this yote on cam been hearing alot here lately around the area i hunt ..
  8. Bigspringhunter07

    What will he score

    This guy been showing up recently on the trail cam what you guys think he will score ?
  9. Bigspringhunter07

    quota hunt questions and reg. vs state reg.s

    If you own and live on a farm where you hunt , do you still need a state lic. to apply for the knox quota hunt ?
  10. Bigspringhunter07

    Young turkeys

    Is it just me or has anyone else been seeing more young turkey poults this yr ? We've had a flock in my dads garden with 3 adult hens and 15 poults. Not to mention the numerous sightings along the roadside of hens and poults. All together i'd bet i've seen 100 poults and hens in a 1.5 mile radius .
  11. Bigspringhunter07

    need help finding truck tool box

    Anyone know where a person might find an aluminum tool box to fit a 92-96 f150 flareside i've looked all over and can't find .I'm building a flareside for hunting . I've looked at craigslist daily . Any help would be appreciated ..
  12. Bigspringhunter07

    corn question

    when does everyone normally start putting out corn ? I'm gonna try hard to get on a regular schedule of doing corn.
  13. Bigspringhunter07

    Oklahoma and surrounding states prayers sent

    Prayers go out to the Tornado victims in Oklahoma and surrounding states..
  14. Bigspringhunter07

    Got my 2012 mount back

    Lots ole memories from this buck taken at fort knox in 2012, He's not a monster by any means but i had a great time hunting there with my buddy.
  15. Bigspringhunter07

    Really done it this time Hand injury graphic hand injury beware

    Well, i was at the family farm trimming a huge maple , and just had cut thru a 10" limb when it kicked back crushing my right hand , thank god i'm left handed .
  16. Bigspringhunter07

    Outside wood heater question

    Anyone use one of the outside wood heaters for your home and if so does it work well.. ie cut back on electric bill ?
  17. Bigspringhunter07

    Fort Knox area 11 need info

    Thinking about hunting knox area 11 wed. or thursday of this week since its close to home , anybody have any tips or info on this area?
  18. Bigspringhunter07

    Fort Knox area 1 Buck

    I took this buck sunday nov. 25th. At fort knox area 1 He fell in the ohio river ..

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