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  1. crestliner200

    How to contact your local Conservation Officer

    There are two methods to contacting your local CO but both methods lead to the same place and that is KSP dispatch. 1- 1-800-252-5378 this number will direct you to KSP dispatch in Frankfort just like calling their 1-800 number. Once they answer they should ask you what county you are calling...
  2. crestliner200

    How many Turekys are you seeing this year?

    This may have already been asked and if so I'm sorry for the double thread. The reason I'm asking is because I have been told by many hunters around here that they aren't seeing any Turkeys like they have in years past. I have really been paying attention since talking to them and in the fields...
  3. crestliner200

    EPA Wood Stove Legislation

    Looks like we are in for a fight in the near future if we are going to continue burning wood.
  4. crestliner200

    Lets be safe out there.

    I know this is a day and a half early but I'm Wishing everyone a safe and remember able opening weekend. Please be sure of whats behind the deer in your sights. Lets make sure all of us make it home to our families this weekend. You all may not know but I am A CO and I don't know many of you but...
  5. crestliner200

    Licking River Fecal matter alert

    Was listening to National Public Radio today and they were giving an alert that officials were warning people not to even come into contact with water in the Licking River in Rowan Co. They said that since the flood that the Fecal matter was to high in the water. Said it could tak from a couple...
  6. crestliner200

    Merry christmas

    Merry Christmas to all and hope everyone has a Happy New Year.
  7. crestliner200

    Morgan Co nontypical 204, I hope this worked. Taxidermist is not a official measurer but knows enough about it to know how to measure them. He said that it scored 204 and will probably net 190's but could be higher. This is my...
  8. crestliner200

    Wife hit deer this morning. I have a question about insurance.

    My wife hit a deer this morning. She called back from work and was crying and just plain torn up. She was in an 02 Chevy Impala. It busted the grill, bent the hood up and a metal support that is behind the grill is almost against the radiator. Said theres not antifreeze leaking so I told her to...
  9. crestliner200

    Locked threads

    Just wondering what is the criteria that gets a thread locked? Just wondering. Just reading some of the locked threads and really couldn't see why some were locked. Like I said I was just wondering. Nosy I guess.
  10. crestliner200

    Poacher caught in Rowan Co plus extra find

    Kentucky Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Resources News Release Poaching tip leads to arrest of Rowan County man on wildlife, drug charges February 27, 2009 Contact: Mark Marraccini FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE...
  11. crestliner200

    Hillbilly ninja

    Has anyone saw this? Hope this works. If not then got to youtube and search for Hillbilly Ninja. This maybe old. If so sorry to bring it back up
  12. crestliner200

    BASSMASTER Classic

    How many are going to Watch or set the DVR for it. I myself plan on setting the DVR so i can watch it more than once. Also maybe tell your picks as to the winner. Myself i like KVD again. Fingers are crossed.
  13. crestliner200

    Test sig and pic

    Just checking new sig and Pic
  14. crestliner200

    Keith Warren

    Just got a email that said that Keith Warren had violated a Montana hunting law in one of his shows:eek:. The show title was 2 states,2 bucks,1 day. Did anyone get to watch this episode.If anyone did see it did you see what it was? If this is true then i guess even the Pros violate sometimes. I...
  15. crestliner200

    1 inch here and still coming down hard.

    Was just wondering how much snow you guys have got. Here in Morgan County where i'm at right now we probably got 1" and still snowing hard:eek:. Guess i'll be staying the night. I also got an email from a buddy and he said that he saw a weather report that said we may get some ice at the...
  16. crestliner200

    Deer sausage

    Does anyone have a recipe for deer sausage? My better half was asking me if i could find one on the net. The ones I've found really don't sound that good and we really do not like a spicy sausage. Mild to medium if anyone has any. Thanks guys in advance for any recipes. Edited to say this is...
  17. crestliner200

    After election fall out

    How long after the election is over before everybody quits posting about the outcome?

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