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  1. bird whisperer

    04/02/2022 A boys first bird

    I had planed to take the oldest to a blind this morning but when he said he wanted to sleep in Connor jumped out of the bed and started to get dressed. While we were getting him bundled up he said I heard the birds behind the house last evening. I asked if that was where he wanted to go and he...
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    The Oscar slap we missed last night

    Cant say I blame Will Smith and Chris Rock must have practice gettin bitch slapped because he handled it like a pro.
  3. bird whisperer

    “Do not watch if it disturbs you to much” New video surfaces of second World Trade Center attack on 9/11

    I had only ever seen two video’s of the second tower being hit. This is a view from the harbor side of the towers. This has raw audio with swearing. Only watch if you want to.
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    Test after upgrade

    Using as a test to see if loading pics and links is any different than before. Well the thumb nail is still there which sucks but still simular to the old way.
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    A very powerful direct message

    If only more departments would take this approach the murder numbers might begin to trend down. If already posted its still worth a rewatch.
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    Dear Lord please give me the strength to stay calm

    Once agin in my house where there is one extra person living for a bit longer something occurred and someone or a group of individuals decided it was best to keep something to them selves and allow me to discover it upon my own instead of just telling me that it happened when they saw me...
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    Colorado version of Respiratory therapy

    My Buddy in CO had a good morning. I’m glad he was able to get out after them this year. When I was out there at the beginning of September he was trying to recover from COVID, he had to take an O2 bottle and a pulse ox just to go scouting from the car. He has improved a lot since then. This was...
  10. bird whisperer

    I will just drop this here.

    Said the coyote.
  11. bird whisperer

    Best way to naturally grow Paw Paws form seeds?

    So we started two batches of Paw paw wine and now I have a good number of seeds to try and turn into trees. I’m looking for guidance for the best way to get the seeds to take off and grow in the woods. Im hoping @barney and or @Hoosier Sasquatch might chime in for me with words of wisdom. My...
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    Still fuzzy

  13. bird whisperer

    Who says you cant outrun the cops?

    He even outran the helicopters. I say very lucky no one got hurt.
  14. bird whisperer

    My Sept 1 2021

    As I get the chance I will post todays photos here.
  15. bird whisperer

    They have gone to far

    To hell with it turn the whole place to glass.
  16. bird whisperer

    The winds of change

    For 25 years I have been a contractor. I have worked my ass off in hospitals all over this great country form 1996 to now. From 2007 to 2019 I averaged 600 hrs of OT a year. In 2020 after furlow-ing for a total of 4 pay period I managed to log/ bill more than 800 hrs of OT. A few weeks ago I...
  17. bird whisperer

    Flash flood

    Looks like I had a flash flood today. Thay log was washed down the creek. At least the trophy rock stayed put this time. even the squirle looks drowned out.
  18. bird whisperer

    Feeder proofing question

    For those of you that have coon proofed your feeders using PVC pipe over the legs. What size pipe did you use and how long did you make them? Do you have to keep them lubricated with something slick? Do you have pics you can share? thanks in advance.
  19. bird whisperer

    Anyone got a contact for unit 3

    I got a txt from one of the sales guys who I occasionally work with who drew an archery tag for unit 3. Before I call him back and ask if he already has an outfitter I wanted to ask if any of you have a good contact that might still have an opening? Thanks in advance.

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