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  1. Rob7

    Dove Fields

    Planning this years dove field and thought I would check and see what others are planning to do. Haven't purchased any chemicals as of yet but understand they have increased significantly which got me thinking on the topic. I have enough Clearfield Sunflowers left over from last year to plant...
  2. Rob7

    For Sale - 2001 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4x4, 5.4L V8

    For Sale - 2001 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4x4, 5.4L V8 with 174,000 miles Purchased this from a friend of mines father right before he moved out of town for health reasons. He owned this vehicle for the past 18 years. Was originally going to make a hunting rig out of it to leave at farm...
  3. Rob7

    Some interesting auction items

    I have no affiliation with this auction. Friend of mine sent me link last night. Some weapons and knives I though a few on here may be interested in.
  4. Rob7

    Couple Vehicles for sale - 2005 Toyota 4runner and 2001 Ford Expedition

    Figured I would post here prior to putting on Marketplace. For Sale - 2005 Toyota 4runner SR5 4x4 V8 Purchased this mid-year 2019 with 183k miles on it for my daughter in high school. It now has roughly 202k. Planned to keep until she got out of college. Prior to that it was a one owner...
  5. Rob7

    No Till Drill and Roller Crimper Food Plot Planting

    Been watching quite a few Grant Woods videos on Growing Deer TV. Here is a recent one. They really promote planting a blend of seeds using a No Till Drill in conjunction with a Roller Crimper and not...
  6. Rob7

    Double Vision and Mirroring

    Cameras captured these 2 images. Just thought they were interesting.
  7. Rob7

    Dove Field

    Always interested to see how others plant and grow their fields. When they do it and what seed and chemicals they use. 5.11 - Mowed - Mowed the field as low as could with 15' bush hog. 5.12 - 5.14 - Tilled 5.15 - Hope to Plant - Using Clearfield Sunflower seed again. Plan to use old John Deere...
  8. Rob7

    For Sale - 2007 Toyota 4runner SR5/Sport Edition 4th Generation

    For Sale - 2007 Toyota 4runner SR5/Sport Edition 4th Generation 4.0L V6 F DOHC 24V / 4 wheel drive Current Mileage 152k Reason for selling – Bought truck. Had planned on having this vehicle in the family for many, many more years. Mechanically she is great. Cosmetically she is good. Has some...
  9. Rob7

    Sunflower Planting and Growing

    Always interested to see how others plant and grow their fields. When they do it and what seed and chemicals they use. Just finished ours up last night. 5.3 - Mowed - Mowed the field as low as could with 5' bush hog. 5.10 - Tilled 5.11 - Planted - Planted left over 2019 Clearfield seed...
  10. Rob7

    What kind of bird are these?

    Caught these on camera and was just curious. Thanks in advance.
  11. Rob7

    Weed Control

    Wonder how well this works? Just saw it and thought it was pretty cool.
  12. Rob7

    Planting Corn and Soy Beans. Will this method work?

    They just cut hay in a bottom on the farm last weekend and hauled it all off. My buddy has a 2 row no-till planter. We were going to go down, weather permitting, on Saturday and plant some corn and some soybeans with it. Was then going to come back in the next 1-5 days after planting, weather...
  13. Rob7

    WTB: Puppy

    Update: Found a puppy. He will go to his forever home here in a week. In the mean time my kids, wife and I are enjoying him. Ended up finding him on Craigslist. Thanks for the replies and suggestions. Looking to purchase a puppy. Preferably a lab, 6-8 weeks of age. Does not have to...
  14. Rob7

    Running Yotes with Dogs?

    Just had a guy at work show me some pictures of a buddy of his from Vermont that runs coyotes with dogs. Evidently they get several people, surround a patch of woods, send the dogs in and then they will run a coyote out. Anybody do that here in KY and is it legal to do that? The tailgate...
  15. Rob7

    Spray and Disc Fall Food Plot

    Went in and sprayed round up on one of the 5 acre bottoms that was hayed this past weekend. Plan is to go back in about 3 weeks and lightly disc and throw some seed on the ground and see what takes as an experiment. Will try what fat tony did and leave some of it without seed...
  16. Rob7

    WTB: Puppy

    We have a live auction coming up as a fundraiser for the Henry Clay Baseball team and we are looking for a puppy to auction off. Historically a puppy has been a huge hit. I would be willing to purchase one if for the right investment amount. Or if someone had one to donate that would even be...
  17. Rob7

    Track Skid Steer Question. Can I safely drag a Takeuchi TL140?

    We have a TL140 around 2004 year model track machine that quit running next to a creek about 10 yard from the waters edge. Its having some type of electrical issue that's preventing it from starting; at least that's what we are thinking at this point. I would like to move it up another 10 -...
  18. Rob7

    Life span of Game Cameras

    Getting ready to invest in some new game cameras and thought I would ask the question to see what others experiences have been. What game camera brand have you had the best luck with lasting the longest? Over the years I have tried many different brands, cuddeback, scoutguard, covert...
  19. Rob7

    WTB - Cultipacker around 6' to 9'

    Looking for a cultipacker around the 6' - 9' length. I am located in Lexington. Thanks, Rob
  20. Rob7

    ATV Mechanic in Lexington or Central KY

    Looking for recommendations for an ATV mechanic in Lexington or Central KY. I have a 2003 Honda Rincon that is kicking out a problem code of 11which is the Throttle Position (TP) Sensor. After reading some on what that means online, I think I need to take the Rincon somewhere to be worked on by...

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