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  1. James Scott White

    .350 Legend?

    Recently moved to Michigan for a short time. I’m back in KY this week to hunt. Anyways- up there you are only allowed to use shotguns, muzzleloaders and now a straight-cartridged rifle (450 bushmaster, 350 Legend, etc). Needless to say, I saved up and bought a brand new 350 Legend. Brought it...
  2. James Scott White

    How’s the year starting out at home?

    Haven’t posted much in a while. The family and I have moved to Michigan for work as of this past spring. I’ve been able to hunt a little here but really missing the hills of Eastern Kentucky and hope to move back home sooner rather than later. Still have the home farm that I keep cell cams on...
  3. James Scott White

    Still holding antlers.

    Figure they will be dropping soon but this is a cool pic. 6 bucks, all still holding.
  4. James Scott White

    When’s Lunch?

    I always hunt as much as I can opening weekend of rifle. Sometimes I bring lunch and sit all day. Killed a yote this morning and passed on a couple young bucks. Today’s wind has me ready to crawl out and go make some soup but I love to see those mature bucks moving around noon as it does happen...
  5. James Scott White

    Republicans bail out Biden/Pelosi

    13 Republicans in the House of Representatives just handed Biden his first legislative victory since being in office with the 1.2 Trillion Dollar “infrastructure” bill. Note, this bill is the Green New Deal waste that far left progressive socialists have been drooling over since the Trump...
  6. James Scott White

    HELP… wounded deer- opinion needed

    Shot a doe about 25 yards. You see the after effects. Couldn’t find arrow. No blood in the fur. Could tell she was hit but she stood their licking her wound looking around for 5 mins and eventually walked off. Seemed to be licking behind her shoulder low. fairly certain my shot wasn’t lethal at...
  7. James Scott White

    America wins in Virginia.

    Race was just called for Republican governor candidate in Virginia. The fact that this guy, Youngkin won in a liberal state, when Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Barrack Obama campaigned in person against him says everything about the tone for the ENTIRE country. Wokeism, Communism, and Critical...
  8. James Scott White

    First cool front coming this week!

    I know a lot of people have set schedules that allow them to hunt and many have success doing it. I’m fortunate enough to be able to hunt when the weather really tells me to. This week is the first real good cool front of this season. Temps are dropping 15-20 degrees and I’m stoked to finally...
  9. James Scott White

    Lindell’s Symposium & real election data

    Holy smokes! If y’all haven’t seen any of the symposium I highly recommend tuning in. It’s baffling to see how every single state had massive machine fraud. Yes, including Kentucky. So far they’ve covered exactly how the same algorithm was used NATION WIDE based on...
  10. James Scott White

    King Andy & the anti-science tyranny

    Not sure how many saw Andy’s remarks yesterday as he returned to his throne of tyranny. If you missed it, here are some quotes that should make anyone question this man’s motive and authority. In a nut shell, get vaccinated, wear a mask, and if you haven’t been vaccinated, it’s your fault that...
  11. James Scott White

    How are you food plots/ prep goin?

    I never have time to do all I really want to do when it comes to food plots. I usually make big plans then I get busy while July rolls around and I still haven’t started prepping my food plot beds. Today I will finally be spraying 2-3 new plots in the woods- all are about 3/4 to an acre in...
  12. James Scott White

    Official KY poult survey

    A buddy of mine turned me on to this but I’m sure we can all do our part. From what I can tell, you can report multiple poult sightings as they occur. Think the survey ends August 31.
  13. James Scott White

    Poults in my shed.

    We have an old lean-to tacked on to the cabin for a place to park the ranger and old ford tractor. Walked in today to jump on the ranger and a hen ran out clucking at me- she wouldn’t go far though. Didn’t take me long to figure out why. I only counted 4 but they were hiding from me and I didnt...
  14. James Scott White

    DIY Mineral Lick... Garlic?

    Gonna post this to a couple of forums to get the most responses I can... After trying to maintain several mineral sites with multiple products I’ve come to the conclusion that these ‘deer minerals’ are effective but also a ridiculously over priced marketing tool; hence the obvious word “deer”...
  15. James Scott White

    Mineral Lick DIY... Garlic?

    Gonna post this to a couple of forums to get the most responses I can... After trying to maintain several mineral sites with multiple products I’ve come to the conclusion that these ‘deer minerals’ are effective but also a ridiculously over priced marketing tool; hence the obvious word “deer”...
  16. James Scott White

    EHD/Bluetongue remain finds

    I took a break from deer hunting and being in the woods much at all, between 2015 and 2018 for health reasons. Today I’m much more healthy and more serious about whitetail than ever before. That said, I don’t think I had any idea how bad EHD or bluetongue or whatever hit us so hard in that time...
  17. James Scott White

    Where y’all buying shells?!

    Trying to gear up for next month. I’ve been looking for shells since literally January. Online too. I shoot 3 in number 5. Not too picky other than that (but I do like nitros for the price). Problem is I can’t find em’ anywhere! I live in eastern KY & make trips to lex weekly. Somebody tell me...
  18. James Scott White

    New Obsession. New Beginnings.

    I’ve been a hunter all of my life. Took my first squirrel when I was 5, first big buck at 9. I’ve hunted everything with fur and feathers every way I know how and I’ve loved my time doin’ it. As I’ve gotten older and started a family of my own, I still enjoy hunting. But my outlook has totally...
  19. James Scott White

    Who’s gonna replace Andy?

    From following these threads I gather Andy Beshear isn’t winning any popularity contests with Kentucky’s Outdoorsmen anytime soon (rightfully so). My question is who are we gonna replace him with? Sure, anybody would be better, but I think its time Kentucky got the best.. I’m pretty fed up with...
  20. James Scott White


    Its that time of the year for some spring cleaning and organizing at the hunting cabin. This year I noticed that quite a bit of my camo is getting worn out and it has me thinking of buying some new turkey camo... Many of us have our favorite patterns and brands. Just thought I’d pose the...

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