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    funny pic

    So I went to check my trail camera and I noticed it had been moved around a little. It also looked like a cow had been licking it, but there are no cattle in this field. I checked my pictures when I got home and found out exactly who had been messin with my camera :)
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    bass mount

    Ok fellas, I'm getting ready to have a bass mounted. I'm kinda wanting to have it mounted in a scene with another bass I already have mounted. I want it to be something I can hang on the wall and not take up too much room. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I'd love to see some pictures...
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    How's everyone doin in the ponds so far? I've been fishing for crappie, but can't catch any for all the bluegill and small bass. Any recomendations for baits on big bass right now? Quite a bit of moss on and very clear water.
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    What do you do?

    I've been hunting as often as I can since opening weekend of bow season. I hunt small parcels of land with very little woods and few deer. Throughout the whole bow season I haven't seen 1 single deer. (Before anyone says scent control, I hunt according to the wind) Well, I've been getting...
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    harvest photos

    Am I the only person who doesn't like the pictures where the deer's head looks like it is stuck right up in front of the camera? I honestly don't like the way it looks when someone is sitting way behind their deer and stretching their arms as far as they can get them to hold the head up. I...
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    Tim Raikes buck

    Anyone have any pic's of the Tim Raikes buck killed a few years back in Bradfordsville? I've searched for it on here and can't get any pictures to come up.

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