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  1. crestliner200

    Senate Bill 31

    Did you even click on the link to the. Bill? No YOU DID NOT because if you did you would have saw that we are not trying to horn in on anything. THE MONEY WOULD BE FROM THE DEPARTMENTS OWN MONEY. Also KSP DOES receive IT. SMH , talk about spewing factually incorrect statements.
  2. crestliner200

    Small boat title?

    Length width motor capacity. They just gather the needed info for the title.
  3. crestliner200

    Small boat title?

    You need to have the local conservation officer inspect it and then you can take the paperwork he gives you and apply for the title and registration . This is the correct way it is supposed to be handled.
  4. crestliner200

    Taxidermists guidelines for taking an Out of State deer?

    Must be skull capped and the skull cap must be free of brain matter and spinal fluid.
  5. crestliner200

    100+ counts of deer poaching

    I wasn't directing any ill will towards your post or you and im sorry if you took it that way . I was just saying
  6. crestliner200

    100+ counts of deer poaching

    There are SOPS that have to be followed when running the decoy deer. It takes more then one officer to run it so in turn you are opening up 2 to 3 counties everytime you run it you have to set up an officer who has to run calls in those open counties while the detail is going on. There's more...
  7. crestliner200

    How to contact your local Conservation Officer

    In 10 years I've not had less than 2 counties and some years three except this year and hopefully I will have just mine but i will help out in the surrounding counties which is fine by me because 1 county can get slow after being so busy in past years.
  8. crestliner200

    How to contact your local Conservation Officer

    Something to think about is this. We do not have off days like everyone else. Ours are always during the week and our hours are not 8-4. I've had people jump me when I returned their call and when I tell them I was on my off days they are like oh I didn't realize that. Depending on what his...
  9. crestliner200

    How to contact your local Conservation Officer

    There are two methods to contacting your local CO but both methods lead to the same place and that is KSP dispatch. 1- 1-800-252-5378 this number will direct you to KSP dispatch in Frankfort just like calling their 1-800 number. Once they answer they should ask you what county you are calling...
  10. crestliner200

    Counties without a Conservation Officer

    They should have transferred you to the appropriate KSP post.
  11. crestliner200

    Counties without a Conservation Officer

    Exactly what number did you call? If yo called our Frankfort officer then you called the wrong number BUT they should have given you KSP's number. We actually have a dedicated poacher line. 1-800-252-5378. That number will go straight to KSP central dispatch. They should ask you what county u...
  12. crestliner200

    Unsure on regulation..

    Just FYI if u were sending the text to his state issued phone it WILL NOT receive or send texts.
  13. crestliner200

    Question about trespassing

    This is correct. Also with my county attorney, may not be the same with yours, ONLY the landowner can prosecute. They don't recognize a lessee as being hurt by trespassing. I don't agree due to most of the time money changing hands but it's not whether I agree it's what the county attorney and...
  14. crestliner200

    Lost hunting privilege

    Yes they can and probably at least a few hours in jail
  15. crestliner200

    Kim Davis order to Gray bar Motel

    You know it's a funny thing to me that you talk about her sucking up taxpayer money and here you are at 11am on Kentucky hunting. Wonder what the people who pay ur salary would think of that. Seems like you spend a lot of time ' during' work hours on here. But I guess it doesn't count for you...
  16. crestliner200

    KDFW attacking Elderly-Non Internet Savy individuals.

    Nope. You have until MIDNIGHT of the day u harvests the animal. So in other words u kill it today u have until midnight tonight.
  17. crestliner200

    KDFWR hiring CO's

    Retirement is now at least 25 years. Not the best pay but most don't do it for the money believe it or not. AND don't forget you will be doing a job that everyone else thinks they could do it better or Knows more about it than you who are trained to do it but that's common in all law enforcement...
  18. crestliner200

    FINALLY ... "The GOP is debating whether Reaganomics needs an update"

    Dang I never thought I would EVER agree with you on anything BUT I totally agree with this one statement. Nail hit directly on the head . ART was talking about those who rely on the government from the cradle to the grave. I agree with this also. Let me tell you about a family that lives about...
  19. crestliner200

    Do me a big favor

    Done and MAY GOD bless her
  20. crestliner200

    $250 Per Point of Poached Bucks

    It is the department and not the landowner that is the plaintiff in the civil suit.

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