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  1. StaleyEMT

    Harvested my first Cow Elk

    Congrats! I bet she'll taste great!
  2. StaleyEMT

    Youth season turkey camp wrap up

    Great pictures! Looks like you all had a blast. You must be very proud, and blessed.
  3. StaleyEMT

    North Carolina's Restroom Law

    As sad as it is to say, it's pretty obvious the only real solution is a third restroom. Since there is no age limits on restrooms, it's inconceivable that any adult person with a penis has a right to be be in the same restroom as little girls. I hope that was logical enough to not make me sound...
  4. StaleyEMT

    trophy tom hunting

    HaHa, I agree 100%. I've killed every type of legal bird, loved them all!
  5. StaleyEMT

    Opening weekend weather

    I'm with Meador on this one. If I have to take a sweat towel, I'm going!:eagerness:
  6. StaleyEMT

    big cat killed by KDFWR officer

    I wonder how long it will take to get those results, should be interesting.
  7. StaleyEMT

    Laurel River Lake

    I swear we ought to vote everyone in office out! Both sides!! This pathetic....:mad:
  8. StaleyEMT

    Restaurant shut down after roadkill brought into restaurant

    Well that went all to heck!
  9. StaleyEMT

    Sauger and walleye

    Can you catch sauger and walleye below the wolf creek dam? If so, when do they normally bite? Thanks...
  10. StaleyEMT

    Your favortie deer call? Need input.

    I recommend a good squirrel call! Everytime i go squirrel hunting I see plenty of deer!
  11. StaleyEMT

    Chase got his hard cast removed today.

    HEY, Glad to hear things are going good, now hopfully no surgeries!
  12. StaleyEMT

    Are you originally from Kentucky?

    Born in Cincy Ohio in 68, moved to London Ky. in 79 and been here ever since!
  13. StaleyEMT

    Richard Childress/Kyle Bush Lets get ready to rumble!

    COOL!! I hope both eyes are black and his makeup runs off so we all can see it!
  14. StaleyEMT

    Who is your favorite Political TV/Radio Show host?

    I kinda like Neal Borts and Herman Cain.
  15. StaleyEMT

    Where will you be Turkey hunting opening weekend?

    Highway 490, Laurel Co.
  16. StaleyEMT

    Big news

    Hey man, congrats! Nothing like a little one around the house.
  17. StaleyEMT


    CALL A WRECKER FOR THEIR TRUCK AND LEAVE A NOTE TACKED ON A TREE WHERE THEIR TRUCK WAS SITTING SAYING; Your truck left here on a hook, the next time I catch you on my land, you'll leave on a hook!
  18. StaleyEMT

    Coach Cal's associations.....

    Thanks Phil.. I tried for 2 days to post it! Not proud, buts its the truth!
  19. StaleyEMT

    I passed my state boards

    Congrats!! I guarantee you earned it !
  20. StaleyEMT

    Did any of you guys see

    cool.. Jamie's a good dude!

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