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  1. 13space82

    Dad's Biggest Archery Buck

    Bear Motive 6 Schwacker Broadheads Crittenden Co Ky 10/5/14 Dad put a hell of a shot on him, blood was everywhere he only went about 30-40 yards and made an easy recovery. Very happy for him, he was still visibly shook when I got to the stand to help him recover him.
  2. 13space82

    Starting to get frisky!

    Also so a spike scent check a young fawn and try to mount.
  3. 13space82

    Age these 2 for me

    I've never been too good with aging deer. These two were checking the same scrape that I found walking to my stand last week. A little help would be appreciated. TIA
  4. 13space82

    Jr. Deer Permit question

    My nephew bought his JR Sportsman's license. He shot a doe during the youth season, if he were to buy another tag, does it have to be a doe or can he still shoot a buck? Or can he buy the adult tags and still shoot a buck? I ask because the language isn't real clear to me on the KDFWR...
  5. 13space82

    New stand and camera location....first night visitor

    Been on there 3 times since Friday night....what do you think?
  6. 13space82

    Barkley Blind

    Is it too late to go pin my spot? I've been busy every single weekend and haven't had time to go out there. I know I have to the 12th I think but in the regs it said I had to register my blind with the resource manager, don't you do that at the draw? Sorry for being clueless, never been drawn...
  7. 13space82

    What do you think?

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  8. 13space82

    Youth Bows

    I've got an 9year old daughter that is wanting a bow. Do any of you have suggestions? I don't know what she would be able to pull back since she is so small but she hasn't stopped talking about watning to go bow hunting for the past few months so i would like to get her started so she'd be...
  9. 13space82

    Barkley Draw

    Anybody go and have any luck? I drew 23rd...
  10. 13space82


    Put the wampow on this little doe this morning. Let the bloodshed begin.
  11. 13space82

    Elk Hunting Unit Selection

    I just checked the KDFWR website.... they have posted the results for EHU's. I will be in 3A! Hope everyone got the unit they wanted!
  12. 13space82

    When Selecting an EHU

    On the KDFW website, can you change after selecting? I went in and was playing around and made my selections accidently, but I went back and it still offered me the oppurtunity to select again. Does it change your original selection or are you stuck with what you selected?
  13. 13space82

    How hard is it...

    To get permission to hunt private ground? Or do all of the outfitters have it pretty much sewn up? Where would I start getting permission being that I live in Western Ky?
  14. 13space82

    Injured Canada Gosling

    It looks like it has been hit by a boat prop or a turtle or some other predator has taking a chunk out of its leg. My wife is having a fit to help it but I"m not sure what is best. It is having problems getting around ()walking and swimming)and its mother has left it. Should I catch it and...

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