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    2022 November rut activity reports

    Had a small 4 pointer and a Doe and twin button bucks come through. No chasing seen.
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    #1 on the hit list.

    I mean there is a chance he’s 4 but no older. I’ve watched him since he was a button buck. I was trying to find the old pics of him but I must not have saved them. He’s tricky. I’ve never seen him live. Only cameras. He’s been consistently coming through every couple days. I’m honestly a...
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    #1 on the hit list.

    Closer pic.
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    #1 on the hit list.

    I’d like to wait but with the hunting pressure around my farm I don’t think there is any chance he makes it through. He’s 3 yes old. If he shows up in front of me, I’m going to be hard pressed to not take him.
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    #1 on the hit list.

    Wasn’t sure he made it through last year. Apparently he did!
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    Suspect they’re brothers.

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    Nov 3 anyone hunting

    Flemingsburg: Saw a nice 8 walking down under the power lines on my property. He had his nose way up in the air and was walking like he was late for something. Really moving fast. That was it for a 5 hour sit.
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    Road KILL Report

    I saw that too!
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    Arrowhead hunters?

    It's a bucket list thing for me. I would love to find just one. So cool.
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    Rookie hunter after this buck.

    Thank you. That's exactly the case. Again, I don't see the upside in lying about stuff like this, but I guess some do.
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    Rookie hunter after this buck.

    Understand your point there. I hadn't set the date and time on my trail cam. Couldn't figure it out. I'm sure people tell "fish stories" on here, but I'm not sure why anyone would make up a story about just buying land and being a rookie hunter. If I was gonna lie I'd def make up something...
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    Rookie hunter after this buck.

    Yeah I thought about that. Thx for the advice.
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    Rookie hunter after this buck.

    Thanks, me too.
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    Rookie hunter after this buck.

    This is my first deer season. Just bought 30 acres near Maysville and figured I would give it a try. I have some good friends who hunt and they have been sharing their knowledge. I have hunted squirrel w them a couple times and love it. I started putting cams out a few months ago and found that...

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