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  1. Rob7

    Redneck Blind

    We used Pallet Forks on the tractor front end loader and strapped one of the regular sized redneck blinds to the pallet forks and lifted in place on one of our blinds. Barely had enough reach to make it work with the tractor we had. I am assuming a larger tractor with plenty of reach with...
  2. Rob7


    We are seeing a lot more of these warts on deer this year down in Garrard/Madison county. Going from memory, at least 6 of the deer we have on camera have them. Wonder if something caused them to be worse this year than other years? In years past we would only have 1 or 2.
  3. Rob7

    Dove Fields

    What a difference a week makes along with some rain finally, went from no yellow in the field over the 4th weekend to lots of yellow this past weekend. Second pictures shows the Clearfield on the left and the Peredovik on the right.
  4. Rob7

    Dove Fields

    I like to try and get 6 weekend hunts out of the field and believe the sunflowers give the longevity to do that. I never tried the wheat for the reason bp stated, my thoughts is that the seeds that hit the ground would sprout too soon, but I could be wrong. I did do half the field in millet...
  5. Rob7

    Dove Fields

    Thanks for the info, I never did purchase a wick bar but did ask about them either last year or year before, I did use a painters pole and roller cover and took care of a few problem areas last year with some round up, might have to get creative and figure out a way to get some round up on those...
  6. Rob7

    Dove Fields

    About 1/3 of an acre of our field is eat up with weeds. Field is 5.8 acres. I ran out of preemergent (Spartan and Prowl) and it was in the part of the field where the Peredovik sunflowers were planted, not the Clearfield, so I could not spray with the lightning, only sprayed with the...
  7. Rob7

    Dove Fields

    Looks like we'll get some much needed rain this week. Spraying seemed to work pretty good. Always worried until I return that I did something wrong and killed the sunflowers by messing up the spraying somehow, thankfully they are growing well.
  8. Rob7

    Dove Fields

    Good looking fields bp. We've got some marestail as well, seems very difficult to get rid of. 2/3 of our field is planted in clearfield sunflowers and 1/3 in peredovik. Sprayed on Sunday. Sprayed entire field with Clethodim and then came back and sprayed Lightning where the clearfields were...
  9. Rob7

    Dove Fields

    Tilled mid week, planted yesterday afternoon, sprayed prowl and spartan preemergent after planting. Ran out of the Clearfield sunflowers about 2/3 of the way through and switched over to a bag of Peredovik sunflowers I had bought just in case I ran out. Like Bigb stated the Peredovik seeds I...
  10. Rob7

    Dove Fields

    Got the tractor fixed and mowed the field yesterday evening. Will till this evening and subsequent evenings and hopefully be planting Saturday and spraying preemergent Saturday.
  11. Rob7

    Dove Fields

    Went to start working on the field this week and couldn't get the front bucket to raise or lower, searched for the issue and I think I found it... new cable acquired today, hopefully swap out tomorrow and get started once weather is right.
  12. Rob7


    Here's a pretty good 2 minute video on it that explains the process.
  13. Rob7

    Dove Fields

    Planning this years dove field and thought I would check and see what others are planning to do. Haven't purchased any chemicals as of yet but understand they have increased significantly which got me thinking on the topic. I have enough Clearfield Sunflowers left over from last year to plant...
  14. Rob7

    For Sale - 2001 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4x4, 5.4L V8

    I haven't tried it off road as of yet and based on my knowledge of previous owner doubt he did either but would be happy to and report back. Technically its AWD and then can be placed in 4H or 4L.
  15. Rob7

    For Sale - 2001 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4x4, 5.4L V8

    Edited original post to include mileage, its 174,xxx , thanks for catching that.
  16. Rob7

    For Sale - 2001 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4x4, 5.4L V8

    For Sale - 2001 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4x4, 5.4L V8 with 174,000 miles Purchased this from a friend of mines father right before he moved out of town for health reasons. He owned this vehicle for the past 18 years. Was originally going to make a hunting rig out of it to leave at farm...
  17. Rob7

    Some interesting auction items

    I have no affiliation with this auction. Friend of mine sent me link last night. Some weapons and knives I though a few on here may be interested in.
  18. Rob7

    Couple Vehicles for sale - 2005 Toyota 4runner and 2001 Ford Expedition

    Figured I would post here prior to putting on Marketplace. For Sale - 2005 Toyota 4runner SR5 4x4 V8 Purchased this mid-year 2019 with 183k miles on it for my daughter in high school. It now has roughly 202k. Planned to keep until she got out of college. Prior to that it was a one owner...
  19. Rob7

    No Till Drill and Roller Crimper Food Plot Planting

    Been watching quite a few Grant Woods videos on Growing Deer TV. Here is a recent one. They really promote planting a blend of seeds using a No Till Drill in conjunction with a Roller Crimper and not...
  20. Rob7

    Food plots

    Might consider Winter Wheat. Last year I traveled many miles across several farms with my seeder/spreader full on the back of the ranger. It was not running but due to all the vibration seed leaked out as I drove. I was amazed about a month later when I could noticeably see and recognize the...

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