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    gobbling and strutting

    has anyone seen any strange behavior in turkeys in the last few days. For a week now i have been watching a flock of about 30 turkeys and they have been strutting amongst the hens as if it were April 1st. And this morning to my surprise i called to them with my mouth no calls just my mouth and...
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    Another yote

    Hey guys thought we struck out this morning but had this pretty big female in the last trap we came to. They were six more sets of tracks with her. They came off the ridge right at the trap. Hopefully they will come back and go the other way tonight.
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    Good Monday

    Hey guys after striking out on Sunday we had another real nice cat and a coyote this morning made four cats since Saturday. Sorry didn't get to get no pics will try and take some of them tomorrow. Forgot the camera.
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    Varminator strikes again

    Hey guys had the best morning of the season. Caught two big cats and two good dogs. One of the prettiest dogs i have ever caught, and caught a bobtailed coyote. I have never caught one nor have i ever heard of one. Anyways guys that brought my numbers up to 9 coyotes 4 cats two grey foxes...
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    one more test

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    testing pics one more time

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    testing pics

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    testing pics

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    This morning's catch

    hey Guys after being fooled for three nights now this was what was waiting on me this morning, also along with a real small bobcat. Didn't get pics of the cat though. Anyways hope the pic downloads.
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    Has anyone ever tried this

    Hey guys was just wondering if anyone has tried this. What i mean is two nights ago i throwed out a carcass of a female coyote that we skinned close to where our traps are located. Well this morning i was curious to what happened to the carcass. I checked it and there were so many coy tracks...
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    Need Land in Knott County for late season Cow Hunt

    Hey guys need help desperately. My wife just got her letter in the mail and it had very little info to say the least. She is so lucky, anyways was wondering if anyone on here knew of some good private lands that folks would let someone kill an elk on. It should be pretty easy, because in the...

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