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  1. bowhunter08

    few buck pics

    These are the best I have got on the cam this year. No giants but some decent looking deer.
  2. bowhunter08

    model 94 30/30 question

    I have a 1975 model 94 30/30 that I would like to shoot the new Hornaday LEVERevotion in. But in I would have to change the magazine follower, and I know that winchester does not make one. Anybody have any thoughts on what I can do to solve this issue?
  3. bowhunter08

    Urban Myer to step down as head coach

    Just heard that he was going to step down as head coach after the bowl game. Kinda took me by suprise, thought that he would be the head coach there for sometime. But you have to respect a man that puts his health and family first. I am no Gator fan but hate to see one of the games best coaches...
  4. bowhunter08

    please read.. pretty neat..

    :D This Ad Was Posted to Craig's List Personals: To the Guy Who Tried to Mug Me in Downtown Savannah night before last: Date: 09-2-09, 1:43 AM EST. I was the guy wearing the black Burberry jacket that you demanded that I hand over, shortly after you pulled the knife on my girlfriend and me...
  5. bowhunter08

    Do you close one eye or shoot with both open??

    I have a bad habit of doing both. I shoot with both eyes open 95% of the time, but sometimes catch myself closing one eye to help block out the sun, or whatever else may be a distraction while in the stand. Was just wondering what everyone else does, and why.
  6. bowhunter08

    A few pics off the trail cam

    Got a pic of a buck at last, nothing huge but always nice to get a pic of a buck. Been seeing a ton of does and fawns this though.I Know that is not a big buck like some that are on here buit I thought that I would share them. Oh yea disreguard the time of the pics, I am a dummy and set it...
  7. bowhunter08

    When do you put up stands?

    Going to start hanging my stands the first weekend of August, Kinda getting a little late of start this year been a busy summer. But was just wondering when everyone else like to hang there stands.
  8. bowhunter08

    Archery Target

    I am looking to buy a new target. I currently have the block 4x4 but am in need of a new target. Was just wanting to get everone's thoughts on what target they like best. I like the block but and looking to try something new.
  9. bowhunter08

    Bring Porter back????

    What does everybody here think about this??? Seen this over on KSR, I think that he should stay gone if ya ask me. Just don't see how its fair to bring him back, since he told Pilgram and Galloway to hit the road.
  10. bowhunter08

    Nationwide race at Ky speedway

    Anbody here going next weekend?? We are heading up that friday, to watch practice and get a camping spot. If anybody is going and wants to meet up and have a cold beer message me be glad to meet ya.
  11. bowhunter08

    Frank's® redhot® buffalo chicken dip

    here's a new recipe to try if you havent already.. my girlfriend tried some today from a friend she works with and said it was pretty good... has anyone else tried it? INGREDIENTS: 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese, softened 1/2 cup blue cheese or ranch salad dressing 1/2 cup any flavor...
  12. bowhunter08

    Uk nit

    So who is going to watch UK in the NIT tomorrow night? I don't think i will myself. Just don't wanna watch them play at Memorial myself, their last game there was a win and thats how I wanna remember it myself.
  13. bowhunter08

    Cats vs Gators

    So who thinks the Cats will snap this losing streak tonight?
  14. bowhunter08

    Daytona 500 picks

    So who is everybody picking to win the 500 this year? I would like to Mark Martin pull into victory lane myself, and looks like he may have a fast ride that could get him there.;) So lets here everybodys picks.
  15. bowhunter08

    McCain to debate tonight.

    Do you all think that this a good move on his part? After he said that he was suspending his campaign. I think that it is a good move, and even though its a foreign policy, it will be 2/3 of it will be a economic debate. In which i think Obama is going to be in deep trouble.
  16. bowhunter08

    Hidden Valley (powell county)

    Anybody ever hunted there? Me and the lady thought about bow hunting up there this year, when we are up that way. Just was wondering what to expect. Any insight would be great. Thanks, Brandon
  17. bowhunter08

    Dale Jr WINS

    Looks like he got that win! Just took him 2years but well deserved.
  18. bowhunter08

    Prelude to the Dream

    Anybody going up to watch or going to rent it pay per view? I won't be going up, so i will be renting. Can't wait to see the Nascar boys on dirt. Not a Kyle Bush fan, but i think that kid will put on a how Wednesday night.
  19. bowhunter08

    Guitars, what do you play?

    Here are my 3 electric guitars. Would like to see what everybody plays on. From left to right. Mexican strat (my first guitar) American Strat, and a Nashville power telecaster.
  20. bowhunter08

    Broadheads some input needed

    I always shot Muzzy 3 blades, but have been thinking about making a switch. Been thinking about going with expandables, but would like some input on what you all shoot, and what yall think is the best.

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