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    Public land hunting people you meet.

    I dissagree with some of these posts. I love hunting public land. The vastness of it mostly. you rarely find a plot less than 2,500 acres, thats a lot of territory to chose from. Places like LBL (107,000 acres) and Peabody...., these are huge tracts of land. During the week, during bow season...
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    Grandson and I going to set some traps starting saturday. mostly targeting coon (to protect...

    Grandson and I going to set some traps starting saturday. mostly targeting coon (to protect turkey nests this spring) and muskrat /mink (to protect my ponds) I would consider coyote too, but worry about catching cats and dogs. How do you dispatch your catches ? Where do I find a buyer for fur ...
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    The good, the bad, and the glorious

    I agree title may need changing, but if you read through the posts, its all about compounds. Compounders are generally more tech talk, may be why its titled that. But when its titled “Traditional Archery” theres no doubt what its about, and its not compounds. Be like me posting archery related...
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    The birth of a bow.

    Cant wait to see you at the Tyler shoot, and meet your new bow !
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    The good, the bad, and the glorious

    Lost on me as well.
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    The good, the bad, and the glorious

    Titled “Archery Equipment”. I think some people dont realize what traditional archery means.
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    The good, the bad, and the glorious

    Wrong, the one above it.
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    Tyler Roberts memorial shoot

    I’ll be mowing shaded campsites, should be lots of fun around the campfires !
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    Bow making springing sound when shooting

    String probably stretched, twist it up about 5 turns. Low brace height makes a noisey bow. Bet I can make a string and set it up to be quiet as a mouse. I hate noisey bows.
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    The birth of a bow.

    I like your toenail polish Carpdaddy !
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    Tyler Roberts memorial shoot

    August 23,24,25, KTBA hosts our annual Tyler Roberts Memorial shoot at the Mercer County Fish and Game Farm at 250 Whites ln, Harrodsburg , Ky. This is a fund raiser for NASP, donated items raffled and auction, free camping, vendor setup, and firewood. Plenty of fun, trading and food. This...
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    Marion County WMA

    Anybody have any experience with it as far as squirrel and deer hunting ? I went there once years ago, on a hot early fall day, found it pretty tough to get far from the parking lot do to a logging road grown up that was impassable, or straight up climbing. My questions are, was the logging road...
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    Air gun hunting

    so I got my grandson a .22 pellet rifle from wal mart for christmas. Its the Benjamin Prowler, claims 950 fps. Anyone have one of these, or use them on small game? He is pretty gun safe, but not ready to turn him loose with a .22 just yet, so was looking for something that wont ricochet and go a...
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    Wing recurve

    Bgkyarcher, thats a nice un ! Yea, looks fine shape, at 52” and 45# I can build you string using my Bear Kodiak Magnum, same length and weight. Just pm me your mailing address.
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    Wing recurve

    For arrows, i like gold tip. I like 10 grains total arrow weight per pound of draw weight. 40# bow, 400 grain arrow. In the 40# draw weight i shoot full length 15/35 goldtips, with 125 grain 2 blade broadhead( bear razorheads, magnus, or zwickey) . In the 50 # class its full length 35/55’ s with...
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    Clover food plot experts?

    Used to be, anything that killed broadleaf weeds would also kill the clover. There may be new stuff I dont know about though. Myself, I would just mow. Try to mow higher than the clover if possible. I hate excessive chemical use. Most broadleaf weeds cant take much mowing, and ladino can, so...
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    Poundage ?

    If its all I had id use it. Razor sharp 2 blade cut on impact broadheads are the best penetrators, especially in front of skinny carbon shafts. I shot through a deer couple weeks ago with a 40# longbow, complete pass through and into the ground, blew out of there like a freight train, but only...
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    Huntin' buds

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    Huntin' buds

    My 10 year old grandson took his fifth deer opening day, and his second and best buck. Had his buddy come over to see it, and spend the night. Next day we got his Dad's permission to take him, and since he has several siblings, would not get a chance to hunt this year, my grandson offered for...
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    Traveling Stickbows

    I have heard West KY has been hit the worst with blue tongue. LBL's deer densities are horrible, with no improvement anytime soon, it is one deer only against your state tag and that's after buying an LBL permit. All that sounds horrible, and yet I still love hunting LBL. I have hunted there for...

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