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    Strut Zone Question

    That's good to know, but would you set up in a known strut zone at first light or go there mid morning ,the same time of day as when he was first spotted?
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    Strutter Decoys

    My B mobile with a real jake fan has worked for me many times. It's hard to pack to the field but worth the effort!
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    Springtime KY Lake...What's in your tackle box?

    Spring break in April , it would be hard for me not to go after crappie. Ky lake is on of the top picks for spring crappie. There are lots of stake beds , live minnows and a white grub would be hard to beat .
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    Trot lining

    Thanks guys
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    Trot lining

    I have had ok luck setting lines in the summer time for channels and blues, but I've never tried it in the spring. When do you guys start setting lines? Also what do you bait them with in the early season? Appreciate any ideas you can throw my way.
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    What's Working Best?

    Had a couple respond to pup distress this past weekend, couldn't close the deal though.
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    Missed Oppurtunity

    Feel your pain, keep at it.
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    Coyote Success!!!!

    Nice, good job.
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    Snowy miss!

    Thanks for the support, it will all come together sooner or later.
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    Snowy miss!

    Great cold morning in the field. Called in two yotes on the second set. Using a mix of calls, pup distress most recently before spotting them. They were at 175 yards and could see the mojo decoy, but wouldn't comit any closer, they stayed on a wooded hillside. One even sat down and laid down...
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    Sling base question

    Thanks for the tip
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    Sling base question

    Thank you that's a great tip, the stock is hollow. I thought that I would get some info before jumping in with both feet and messing things up.
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    Best turkey gun?

    Super nova is the way to go
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    Sling base question

    Bought a new stock for my daughters mossberg shotgun and it didn't have a sling post. Wondering if I could use a sling base for a wooden stock in this new fiberglass stock.
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    Got a Doe!!

    Great shot, way to go!
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    Put new feeder out last week

    I put out a new gravity feeder last week and I am getting pictures of two nice 3 year old bucks. The weird thing is I have had a spin plate feeder out a couple hundred yards away from this new one since August and it seems like the activity there has slowed way down. Maybe I could wait next...
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    Building a shooting house

    Thanks got the tips, really didn't think of bow hunting out of it.
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    Building a shooting house

    Building a new shooting house on a 14 ft platform , wooded area close shots most likely 80 yards maybe when the leaves are gone. At what height should I place the windows to might a good shooting rest? Any thoughts?
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    good luck to everyone taking a youth this weekend

    I am taking both of my daughters in the morning. 14 and 8 years old. I think I'll have my hands full but it will be good to have them both with me watching the sunrise! Maybe even see a bird or two.
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    Lake Cumberland tips anyone

    Thanks for the info

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