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  1. F250Stroke

    Mule Deer Hunting question!

    I want to go on a western mule deer hunt, and on public land. Is there anyone who goes yearly? If so, any information would be appreciated!
  2. F250Stroke

    Got my 2018 Buck back!

    Got my 2018 buck back!
  3. F250Stroke


    DPMS .223, 500 rounds ammo, cheap Tasco, brand new 3x9x50, UTG quick detach bipod, and sling $550.00 not interested in trades. Face to face pickup only, will drive reasonable distance.
  4. F250Stroke


    Took this nice buck Monday afternoon, saw and passed a lot of bucks this year while bow hunting and almost shot a nice 8pt over the weekend but let him go. This was a good way to end it
  5. F250Stroke

    Western Archery Elk Hunting with a guide service??

    i was just wondering if anyone had been archery elk hunting out west with a guide service and if so any recommendations on a good one?
  6. F250Stroke

    For sale Bowtech Carbon Overdrive

    Bowtech Carbon Overdrive with HHA Optimizer site, Octane stabilizer, Bowtech wrist strap Fuse Quiver and I’ll throw in a release and 3 arrows, all you need is an arrow rest! 60lb limbs, 29 in dr The sight and rest that are on the bow in the picture aren’t included $550.00 Pick up in Grayson...
  7. F250Stroke

    Big doe!

    People don’t get too excited about does anymore but I still like to shoot em with my bow! I may get bonus tags now, I know a couple of folks that want a deer but don’t hunt, I like to help em out!
  8. F250Stroke

    Nice afternoon!!

  9. F250Stroke

    Old new broad heads!

    My neighbor is an avid flea marketer and thinks all Archery stuff is created equal. He picked up these at the flea mrkt and gave them to me. I shot them out to 50 yards and they fly awesome!! Probably not gonna hunt with them but i was definitely surprised!
  10. F250Stroke

    Hog Hunt in Georgia

    I have the opportunity to hunt hogs in Georgia for a couple of days. I have a couple of .223s and a .243. Thinking the .243 will be fine, what do the pros think?
  11. F250Stroke

    Broke in the new Bowtech

  12. F250Stroke

    Buck Fight

    I saw a heck of a buck fight this afternoon in a wheat field. Not just pushing and shoving, it was an all out war! Best and longest one I've ever seen. I was taking a neighbor a Christmas gift and didn't have my phone for pics or video!
  13. F250Stroke

    MT lion in Tn. trail cam video
  14. F250Stroke

    After 10 days, finally got it done!

    My old buddy Bob T. After ten days of hunting, good job Bob!
  15. F250Stroke

    Got this one Thursday, little different!

  16. F250Stroke

    Your old?

  17. F250Stroke

    4 1/2 year old choc. lab Male(Free)

    I have a chocolate Lab that I have had since he was 10 months old. He is trained to an under ground fence. He is a very good dog and has been fixed. He has always been an outside dog. I would like to give him to a good person who will take good care of him. I will also give you the collar and...
  18. F250Stroke

    A few crows in the rain!

    A couple of the guys I hunt with!

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