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  1. Stone Branch

    Trailer for sale?

    This just came up, I never bought a trailer before, is $700 a good price. I have to pick it up, it's close by. G
  2. Stone Branch

    Little Filly

    12 days old. G
  3. Stone Branch

    My Damn Hummingbirds

    They are humming around all over the place. Too quick to spot and stalk, still hunting is too hap hazard, so I'm hunting over natural bait without much luck.
  4. Stone Branch

    Portrait Photography

  5. Stone Branch

    Alpha 7 III

    My new tool arrived yesterday. Does anyone know how to operate one of these things? G
  6. Stone Branch

    Yo no hablo ingles

  7. Stone Branch

    My lovely timber rattlesnakes.

    So Tank cuts up and I look out and he is full blown danger mode This is really getting close to home now. Interestingly, when I headed this one off with the camera it fixed on my heat signature and advanced towards me. I put the snake in a bucket and I was thinking about calling it...
  8. Stone Branch

    My lovely copperheads

    Abbot and Costello I need to keep my shots up so as not to disturb them. G
  9. Stone Branch

    Stone Branch

    After hunting deer and working habitat in midwestern farm country for 30 or so years, 20 in Michigan, then 10 in Iowa I decided to try my hand out west on public land. Colorado was a fun break but it only took a couple of years to realize that I needed to get back to hunting deer and habitat on...

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