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    Are there any pay to hunt places or good guides in the area. Was planning on coming next weekend, and would like to hunt 2-3 days. Any info would help. Thanks.
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    2013 Wounded Warrior Hunt a Success

    This weekend several DU volunteers, along with the help of the BGAD, and several sponsors (Avery Outdoors, Hevi-Metal, Zink Calls, Fat Boy Calls, & DU TV) hosted the 2013 Wounded Warrior waterfowl hunt. This year we had 14 wounded veterans that hunted. This morning the veterans harvested 45...
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    Checked trail camera today

    and was highly surprised to see pictures of a white Chevrolet 2500 Dually, Blue Ford Explorer, & a Blue Yamaha Rhino. Interesting considering none of the guys on the lease own or drive these vehicles. I was just happy my camera was still there. If It wasn't the love for bow hunting I would just...
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    Blue Grass Army Depot Wounded Warrior Hunt 12-17-11

    This weekend the Madison County and surrounding DU chapters, with the help of the BGAD hosted the first annual Wounded Warrior duck hunt. We had 7 wounded warrior soldiers in from Ft. Campbell and Ft. Knox to hunt this morning. This was the first time that most of these guys had the opportunity...
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    Trasspasser walk hunter

    Hunting my lease today and sure enough I watch a trespasser walk the whole holler i was hunting. He walked almost all the way to me and I verbally let him have an ear full. Never have problems seeing people during bow season but sure enough you can bet I'll see trespassers during gun season...
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    Finally got a look at my 2 boys again

    This is my 4th year I've been watching these guys. I think this year is the year I will let one expire. The question is which one should I take? I love the drop tine buck, but I can't keep my mind off the 10point typical. Just blessed I even have the opportunity to hunt these two deer.<br><br>
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    Season total

    It was a decent season here in central Ky with water being frozen for 1/2 the season. My yearly tally. Mallards - 35 Ruddy Ducks - 10 Red Head - 4 Black Duck - 1 Wood Duck - 2 Pintail - 1 Canada Geese - 11
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    Found plenty of birds to hunt

    to bad its in a no hunt zone. In this open pocket of water i saw Mallards, gadwall, black, Coots, Mergansers, Ringnecks, Shovelers, Widgeon, Redheads, Pintails, Bluebills, & Ruddy ducks.
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    Redheads were in town but they aren't leaving

    We had 6 redheads come whipping in around 8:30am, and me and my good friend shot our limit of 2 a piece. Never had the opportunity at that big of a group of reds before. Pretty exciting.
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    Anyone going out in the morning and braving the cold?

    Do you think it will be a good morning to go out. Weather says cold and partly cloudy?
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    Why do hunters kill fawns? I've been hunting for years and even in my younger days I still had no interest in shooting spotted deer. To be more specific, when I was 10 had had no interest shooting a fawn. I know the meat is obviously more tender, but to me it is not ethical. I noticed a lot of...
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    A few pics of birds

    After enjoying Cornpile's photo's on this site I decided to buy a Digital Nikon & 300mm lens and try to start getting some waterfowl pictures. Here is my first attempt at taking some pictures. Any advice or criticism to help me will be much appreciated.
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    Have a good feeling

    that some bucks are going to be harvested out of food plots tonight. Just my opinion.
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    I like this buck

    Does anyone have an idea of score and age? My guess on age would be 4.5 years
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    first camera check 7/16/10 - Acouple nice ones I'll be looking for

    Looks like there is a kicker off the back of the second picture. I would have to take either one of these 2 if I get the chance.
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    Got my 2009 Gadwall & Canadian mounts back today

    What do you guys think. I think they turned out well for being shot up so bad.
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    Check out this HUGE shed!

    What a brute. What will it score? 7"-8"
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    Help: Bobcat or Dog tracks?

    I have never seen dogs around this area, so I'm not sure what I have here. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Found a nice Shed today.

    I wasn't even looking for sheds. I just was getting in my Rhino after an unsuccessful Coyote hunt, and looked down and it stuck out like new money. This is the nicest one I have ever found. I also believe this might be the one I missed on opening morning of gun season, because I found it laying...

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