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  1. BirdBuster

    ISO Toyota Pickup

    I am looking for an 2nd Gen Extra Cab Toyota V6 5 speed 4x4. The year of this truck run between 1989 and 1994. Truck must have a solid frame and not raged out. Dents and some rust are Okay. If it needs a motor and the price is right, that is Okay. My best friend had his stolen and the POS...
  2. BirdBuster

    WTB 30x9.50R15 tires

    Needing a set of 30x9.50R15 mud tires. Checking to see if anybody had a set they wanted to sell or trade to a set of 31x10.50R15 A/T tires. My tires have around 70% tread on 2 and close to 90% on the other 2.
  3. BirdBuster

    Lost English Setter

    I have a good friend that lost his young female setter. He was hunting above Carr Creek Lake. Her name is Nikki. She is black and white and weighs around 35 pounds. She does have a beeper collar on and a name plate on her collar. If you guys in that area could help get the word out, it would be...
  4. BirdBuster

    WTB 24' or less Airstream

    Looking to buy an older 24' or less Airstream or Argosy. Don't mind to do a little work but don't want someone else's junk. If you have or know of one somewhere, please let me know.
  5. BirdBuster

    Wirehaired Dachshund

    Does anybody know where I can find a breeder for Wirehaired Dachshunds? My wife is wanting a new house dog. I will be training it to track deer and elk. I would like to find a breeder that breeds them for tracking. Breeders that I have found are North and West of here. Would like to find one closer.
  6. BirdBuster

    Stock Oval

    I am looking for someone to put a stock oval on a shotgun of mine. There are no gunsmiths close to me that do this. I have read in the past on this forum of people having it done. I would appreciate some recommendations.
  7. BirdBuster

    Ithaca 100

    I have an Ithaca model 100 in 20 gauge. I am wanting to get the chokes opened up. I do not want screw in chokes. The barrels are chromed lined. Does anybody know of a gunsmith that does this type of work? If so, can you give me there contact info?
  8. BirdBuster

    grouseguy & grousegal

    Has anybody heard from these 2. I would like to know how their season went.
  9. BirdBuster


    I am looking to buy the new 28 gauge over and under that TriStar has to offer. The gun weigh's in at 4.8 pounds and comes with 5 chokes. I have looked on line to find some reviews but have came up empty handed. Does anybody on here have the new 28, if so, can you give the likes and dislikes?
  10. BirdBuster

    Emperor Firearms

    Have any of you had expierence with Emperor shotguns? I have been looking at the 20ga side x side. It only weighs 5 1/2 pounds.
  11. BirdBuster


    Can't get the classifieds to pull up. Can somebody post the link again?
  12. BirdBuster

    Dog Food

    I have fed Pride 26/18 for years and loved it. Dogs did well, had good stool, and good stamina. The problem is that the 2 vendors I bought it from, no longer carry it. What research I have done, Loyall dog food seems to be the best. Problem is, nobody around here carries it! I would like to know...
  13. BirdBuster


    Why is there not a link on the forum home page for the classifieds?
  14. BirdBuster


    How do you get to the classified section? Is there one?

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