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    Elkhorn Smallies

    I raised fishing and wading Elkhorn, Don't get caught standing in it. You are trespassing. Go to Ky Afields and just watch some of the shows when they where on it and listen to it.
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    Savage Axis

    I bought 1 for my wife last year in a 243, you can drive nails with it. bought it camo.
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    Sunday roll call!!!!!!!!!! 11-16-2014

    Heading out in a little bit, Warmer than it was yesterday. Maybe they will move better today.
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    Saturday Rollcall

    Fixing to head out 17 degrees here, Should be a good morning. I hope!
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    Midday success

    Good job man, and great deer.
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    Need some.luck

    I Had to have my truck worked on yesterday morning. So I went for a quick hunt wind was a killer, But saw 5 different bucks and 8 does, But the bucks where all small nothing bigger than 6 pointer, And that was before 8:00a.m. Sorry your having trouble, but it not just you brother, it's a lot of us.
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    Kendra's first deer!

    Way to go, Congrats.
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    Tuesday Roll Call

    Yea there is two in my yard right now. Changes are going to get better, I hope.
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    Pike Co KY STUD!!!!

    Brother that's a dandy, Congratulations!
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    Tuesday Roll Call

    I know you can't get them from the couch, But the wind sure is wicked here. Haven't made up my mind yet. Good luck and be safe.
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    Monday roll call

    Man I know what you mean, But it sure beats work! Hope everyone has a great day stay safe good luck.
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    Sunday roll call

    Saw several small bucks chasing like crazy in Boyle Co. yesterday, But no good ones yet. Heading to the same place this morning. Hope you at least see some today brother.
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    Opening day buck

    That's a great buck, Good job!
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    Shelby's first buck!

    Good one, Congrats that's a nice one!
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    My nephew got a 6pt this morning

    Congrats, Bucks will come and go but you will never forget that one!
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    Sons buck

    Congratulations, great job making memories!
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    Clay Co. Public land BBD!

    Good one congrats!
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    Congratulations, Making memories you'll never forget.
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    Take time to thank GOD

    Amen, I give thanks everyday, But there is nothing like being in a tree stand thanking god for all that he has done for me and my family.
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    Gun opener roll call

    Hope everyone has a great hunt and be safe out there!

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