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    KDFWR waterfowl survey

    Why does it take so long to post the survey results? Weren't they supposed to fly on the 18th?
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    Lab Puppy

    Has anyone ever bought a dog from Stone Lane Hunter Kennels in Evanston, IN? My brother is looking to buy a puppy from them. Are they a reputable lab breeder? Does anyone know of any good lab breeders in KY?
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    Corn Seed Plates

    I have a 2 row planter that uses JD seed plates. I am going to plant some roundup ready corn next season and need to buy some new seed plates. Does anyone know what a good seed plate would be for roundup ready corn? I know it tells you on the bag of seed, but I don't have the seed yet and...
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    Wheat, oats, rye - Allelopathic?

    Does anyone know if you can plant wheat, oats, and rye together? I've been doing some reading about allelopathy and don't want to plant them together if they could be inhibiting each other from growing. I don't know a ton about it, but just wanted to check.
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    Cumberland Striper

    I'm heading to Cumberland this weekend to do some striper fishing. Plan on pulling boards or bottom fishing during the day and casting at night. It sounds like the fish are starting to move out to the main lake. Has anyone been lately or have any advice? I plan on putting in at Jamestown or...
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    San Diego Fishing

    I am going to San Diego in July to visit some relatives and would like to do some fishing while I am there. Never been to California and have never fished on the west coast and know nothing about fishing there. Has anyone fished near San Diego or have any advice? I'll probably get a guide for...
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    I was planning on planting some soybeans this year for the dear, turkey, etc. I was going to buy seed at Southern States. Any recommendations on what type I should buy? I'm guessing I would want something that regrows after being foraged, but don't know enough about the different varieties to...
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    NKY Ducks

    I hunted the big O yesterday and only saw a handfull of ducks. I saw a lot more last weekend. Where the heck did all the birds go? I would have thought with all the small water locked up that the birds would have been on the river. Is anyone else seeing any birds in NKY?
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    Ak 47

    A friend is trying to sell an AK 47 so he can buy a new bow. It was made in Romanian by ROMARM and looks like it is in good shape. Anyone know how much it might be worth? Thanks
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    Logging Question

    I've got a few large walnut and oak trees that just recently fell over on my farm. Some are around 2' in diamater and are pretty strait. First Question: Does anyone know of any mills around the northern kentucky area that buys logs? I tried Logan and they are not buying any at this time...
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    Season's End

    Here are some pics from the season. Averaged about 4 ducks each time out. Usually only had 2 guys hunting, occasionally 3. Season was slow until the last 2 weeks for me. Already getting ready for next year.
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    Snow Geese?

    Is anyone going to do any late season snow goose hunting? If so, where at?
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    No-til planter or grain drill

    I'm looking for a no til drill or corn planter to rent or borrow for spring 2009 planting. I checked with my local extension office, and they have 2 available, but they are too big for my tractor. Also willing to buy a small corn planter or grain drill. Does anyone know a good place to find...
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    Transplanting Cedar Trees

    This isn't really about wildlife managemant, but I figured this is the closest category and could maybe get some answers. I just bought a small farm that has some fields that go right up to the road. There is no fence or trees along the road, making it easy to see/drive onto the property. I...
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    Northern Kentucky

    Has anyone been seeing many ducks or geese in the Northern KY area?

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