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    P-R funding revocation act

    Y'all need to get on the phone and hammer Reps Massie and Comer over their cosponsoring a bill that would eliminate Pittman Robertson funding. For those unfamiliar, this funding went into effect in 1937 and is an excise tax on firearms and ammunition. Funding is legally required to go to...
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    Lack of bees?

    My two hives are doing well enough that we split one yesterday. Gave it to another keeper, since we don't have any other hives at the moment. Plus, we have a VERY large hive - or multiple hives - in an outbuilding that have been there a decade or so before we bought the place. We also heard a...
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    Jefferson county kentucky help

    @muddhunter Isn't 309 probate or something? It's down there by juvie court, never made it past 304, lol.
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    Louisville, Kentucky

    Yep. I live 74 miles from my office - one way. After I get in, fieldwork is usually another hour or more away. Then, it's a few hours on an ATV. Beats living in the city all to hell.
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    Louisville, Kentucky

    Glad he's doing well. You see him and Triniti, give them my best.
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    Louisville, Kentucky

    There is nowhere I'd live within an hour of the city and sometimes rwo hours, depending on which way you go. Every single county that borders Jefferson has exploded, mainly due to the policies of Mayor Big Head (Jerry Abramson) and his successor, Mayor McBikelane (Greg Fischer). They're pretty...
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    Louisville, Kentucky

    Message me if you'd like. My wife is Oklona born and raised, and we lived in Fern Creek from 1997-2019. Bonus points for working in law enforcement within the county for both of us. I also have a good line on a realtor for your friend. My partner retired last year and is doing that full time...
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    Just saw on another forum that he and I share membership in, that Fowler passed away overnight.
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    I tried to search for this.

    More than likely, the site is simply observed and all data taken collected, analyzed, and stored for later use, if necessary.
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    I tried to search for this.

    Lol, forgot your username. I simply assume that I'm on a list somewhere and that my data is stored in some federal file in case it's ever useful to someone. Unless you managed to live without any type of an online presence at all for the last 25-30 years, I'd venture the same is true for...
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    I tried to search for this.

    Well, first off...posting about it on a forum that is likely monitored by the feds isn't a good start. If you think this little place hasn't made it to the attention of the .gov via CARNIVORE or similar, you're likely to be unpleasantly surprised. Second, there are only a couple of people that...
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    College Professors Who Promote Pedophilia

    I don't do well with threats to my kids. Matter of fact, messing with one of them is one of the quicker ways that someone could find themselves in a lot of pain. Folks like these professors may wanna rethink their commentary, because folks like us will happily stake those "people" over a bed of...
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    Why you gotta hate on my boy like that?
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    Bass Pro sure has changed....

    Oh and @xbokilla - my mom lives in the neighborhood directly across from Cabela's, behind RiteAid.
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    Bass Pro sure has changed....

    Mack's, Rogers, and Scheels for me. Lived at the Bass Pro in Clarksville when it first opened. Then, when I'd had an expensive "waterproof" coat from them for two years and came in soaked from a hunt, they wouldn't warranty the item. Transitioned to Cabela's after that. Was thrilled when the...
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    dumbing up education

    I had a pretty good amount of interaction with rural high schools with the last gig I did. I loved visiting these places and seeing that real America still exists. Kids were well behaved, teachers didn't put up with nonsense and corporal punishment was still used. Of course, the closer to...
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    waterfowl hunting- student at UofL

    That place where we met up that day?
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    Old Squaw

    Word on the street is there are at least three old squaw sitting on Barren River Lake, around Bailey's Point. I don't hunt KY anymore and don't know the lake, either....but I figured I'd pass this on, since season opens in a couple of days. Good luck, lol.
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    Anyone Watching DopeSick?

    Always been scared of narcotics. Only taken them two times in and they barely had any effect as far as pain relief. Generally, if 800mg of ibuprofen doesn't work, I just deal with the pain. That includes a fractured vertebrae a few years ago, the constant sciatica on my right side that...