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  1. KYhunter79

    Glock 23

    I’m selling my glock 23 compact .40 Cal. Less than fifty rounds through it. Includes a few rounds. Two magazines. Brown leather IWB holster. Good shape! $450 obo.
  2. KYhunter79

    The best news all summer.

    That is all.
  3. KYhunter79

    Out of state hog hunting

    Anyone know of a good place to go out of state and hunt hogs on public land? I'm looking to take a trip to kill a hog or two somewhere. But I'm not going to pay hundreds or thousands to an outfitter to hunt a nuisance animal that they are killing by the hundreds from a helicopter. Looking for a...
  4. KYhunter79

    Night hunting

    When does this go into effect? I was thinking July 1st for some reason.
  5. KYhunter79

    Trip help

    A couple friends and I are looking to take a trip for my birthday. None of us have ever been to dale hollow and that sounds interesting to me. I'd love to try it out. I've done some research and can't find much fishing info. I've seen some things about big smallies and walleye and musky. Which...
  6. KYhunter79


    Finally ordered one. They've been what seems the choice for most for years. No performance problems out of my last choke, but y'all know how it is. Lol. When you start getting the itch. Any recommendation on 3.5 loads out of an 870? I'll try a few, just looking for somewhere to start. Also went...
  7. KYhunter79

    Going to try to record a couple hunts this year.

    Any recommendations on a decent camera with good zoom that won't break the bank? Any other tips? Never filmed any kind of hunting before except watching wildlife on my phone.
  8. KYhunter79

    Looking for..

    A decent gun dog to kill some rabbits over now and train some pups in the off season.
  9. KYhunter79

    7mm magnum

    I shoot a 7mm mag. I've got it zero'd at 25 yards. But I've been trying to put a box a week through it for the past month and probably the next couple weeks as well. I want to be comfortable and familiar with my rifle as I was with my 30-06. My question is this--if I'm zero'd at 25 yards with...
  10. KYhunter79

    My first sauger!

    I was pretty excited. Any tips on consistently catching sauger and walleye. We were just trolling along on a tributary off the Ohio and I was throwing a deep crank and I've threw it a couple days with very limited action but I was switching things up with my retrieve and trying new things and...
  11. KYhunter79

    New Guy

    I've been once. I immediately knew it was something I'd love. Got my bow and ordered the AMS Pro Retrieve combo yesterday. Can't wait to get after some fish. Saw 4 boats shooting the other night while I was catfishing and I wanted to be out there instead. I've got a generator for my boat but no...
  12. KYhunter79

    Tagged out on a limbhanger this morning.

    Killed probably my biggest bird this morning about 15 minutes after flydown. Worked him and his buddy yesterday morning and had them come in gobbling and strutting about 250 yards only to hang up just out of range. Setup on him a little better this morning. He pitched down about a hundred yards...
  13. KYhunter79

    First bird down!

    Killed my first of the season at 20 yards at 7:56am. Had multiple birds gobbling on the roost this morning. Had 7 jakes come in first and gobble and strut and fight about 15 yards in front of me with 2 toms strutting with a lone hen. Finally got the jakes to drift off and the Tom and 2 hens went...
  14. KYhunter79

    Good luck boys!

    It's just about time. I'm laying in bed about to get my 5.5 hours. Good look to everyone. I hope you all have safe and successful hunts. Let's hope we don't get wet for the next 3 days like they are saying.
  15. KYhunter79


    Me and my cousin setup this morning at about 6:25. Heard an owl a few minutes later and pretty soon they were gobbling on the roost. A hen pitched down in a far field after a fly down cackle and the toms must have came down about the same time in the woods. Had two straight in front of us deep...
  16. KYhunter79

    Combination Rifle

    My grandpa is looking to get my cousin that is just really getting into hunting a gun of his own. We've been thinking about getting one of those combination guns for him. Like a 20 gauge barrel and a ,243 or something. Anybody have any experience with them? If so, who makes the best one?
  17. KYhunter79

    Fishing Equipment

    During the winter months, I've taken up the hobby of picking up old reels that I can find on craigslist or ebay or whatever for cheap and stripping them down and restoring them. Disassembling them and not only learning the mechanics but also cleaning them up really good and oiling/greasing them...
  18. KYhunter79

    Pistol Calibers

    I know this is something that is going to have as many different answers as people. But I just got rid of my CC gun (Springfield Champion 1911 .45) and I'm looking to buy a new one ASAP. I have pretty much decided on a Glock, that's not really up for debate. BUT, which caliber? I've done a...
  19. KYhunter79

    Call of the Wild Man

    Have you guys heard about the new show about our very own turtleman set to air on animal planet? Looks pretty funny and entertaining. Hopefully he can make some decent money out of it.
  20. KYhunter79

    Great Sunday!

    After a terrible opening morning that was windy, rainy, cold and pretty short for me I got back at them with my uncle this morning. We set up in a wheat field the birds had been using a lot with a hen decoy and B-Mobile. We first spotted them about 7:30 after I had made several unanswered calls...

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