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  1. Triton

    WTB YOUTH 20

    WTB youth 20 gauge auto. Anything for sale ??
  2. Triton

    Bad Judgement

    Yea most likely I'd be in jail if I had some of this go on..
  3. Triton

    score this deer if possible .

    Looks like it to me.
  4. Triton


    This my friend is an under statement. I've hunted the Ohio for about 15 years now in boats as small as a 14 foot to a 20 foot and I can tell you this I am as afraid of this river today as the first day I hunted it in any size boat. When you become not afraid or loose the respect, It's time to stop.
  5. Triton

    letcher county 10 point

    Nice brute!!!!!!
  6. Triton

    Rio steel shot

    They seemed to be about the same as the kent to me.
  7. Triton

    How many hunt pond river, blasting warning

    Correction. You left the guys who don't know how to run their outboards on the other side. :D hahahahaha
  8. Triton

    Rough score

    Someone give me a rough score on this little guy!!!
  9. Triton

    Big Boys are Showing Up

  10. Triton

    Biggest buck to date with my bow

    Nice deer!!!
  11. Triton

    Rio steel shot

    I just shot 15 boxes in North Dakota. They patter just as good as the Kent's I shoot. I loved em. Not a bad price either.
  12. Triton

    North Dakota

    Thanks for the tip's guys. Is it even worth taking a wheeler with us?
  13. Triton

    North Dakota

    Just North of Jamestown.
  14. Triton

    North Dakota

    Heading up for a hunt in Oct. Anyone have any good advice. We will freelancing.
  15. Triton


    LoL me to. I was thinking low to mid 140'S. Hoping anyway..
  16. Triton


    He's only a 9.
  17. Triton


    Def a shooter. Just looking for a rough score??
  18. Triton


    Mines still in the garage floor..
  19. Triton

    Robertsons going even more mainstream...

    I don't care who you are but I bet there ain't a one of you that would say you wouldn't do it. If you do your lying. I'd love to have his job. So would every one on here.
  20. Triton

    Shooting Hens

    Do i shoot hen's??? I'll put it this way there never a dispute when there is a banded hen killed. They all shoot green so i shoot brown cause i know no one else is!!! Actually i shoot first and ask questions later..:eek:

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