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  1. usmcvet06

    New Food Plot

    I've used some biologic blends before and this is going to be the largest plot I've put out with it. I know its expensive but if I'm going to take the time, fuel and sweat effort into putting in the plot I want to put down the best seed mix/ brand I can afford. Yea I could throw out stuff that's...
  2. usmcvet06

    New Food Plot

    I've ordered 4 acres worth of biologic BioMass All Legume. Has anyone ever used this blend before? If so, what were your results and opinions on this blend?
  3. usmcvet06

    The "overly excited" Gobbler

    I usually feel like dancin too
  4. usmcvet06

    Conestoga cabin kits

    I know a guy that can give you an estimate for building a pole barn. Hes been building them for years and does an awesome job. Hes in Harrodsburg.
  5. usmcvet06

    This is hilarious!

    It cracked me up after she smashed his head with the butt stock (8) times she said awwww I was gonna get his head mounted lol
  6. usmcvet06

    This is hilarious!
  7. usmcvet06

    I need a blowout vs Uconn

    If you hate Kentucky that's fine by me. Not everyone can be right.... LOL Regardless they've played their best basketball when it's counted the most. Win or lose tonight I'll still back my team. They've developed as a team just like teams are suppose to do. I'm sure if Florida was still in it...
  8. usmcvet06

    Will this be the year??!!

    I've put in for the draw since it started and 3 weeks ago I went to Inez to visit my wifes college friend and her and her husband took us to see some elk. I got out of the car and walked within 25 yards of a 6x6 and it got me fired up. That was the first time ive seen an elk that close. I'm...
  9. usmcvet06

    Where can I buy bobwhite quail?

    Im in Nicholasville cobbhunts. I'm making a 50 acre plot in rows with biologic whistleback and sunflowers. I have a few wild birds now and wont be putting the birds down until the plot grows enough to provide adequate cover.
  10. usmcvet06

    Where can I buy bobwhite quail?

    Yea Earnheart... Im looking for instant gratification! LOL I just don't want to buy birds that you can pick up and break their necks over the gun barrel. LOL Id rather have to run after them to catch them. lol
  11. usmcvet06

    Where can I buy bobwhite quail?

    Hey guys I'm getting ready to start a 50 acre plot for quail and dove. We have a few wild quail now but we're looking to boost the population. Do you know where I can buy some birds?
  12. usmcvet06

    Ruger 204

    I have a Remington sps varmint in .204 and its a shooter for sure. Sub moa gun all day long. If you hit shoulder blade with 32grain V-max it will splash (most of the time) but still gets the job done. At the end of the day a dead coyote is better than a live one! Try loading up some 35 grain...
  13. usmcvet06

    New gun mounted light

    It's not going on the rifle but it's what I had out at the time. Lol
  14. usmcvet06

    popping when hot water is turned on

    Hows your water pressure? If its pretty high it could be making the pipe jump from the relief of the water pressure. May need to strap the pipe down or install a prv on the incoming water supply line. high pressure will wear out valves on sinks and commodes. just my .02
  15. usmcvet06

    New to Coyote Hunting

    Id buy a FoxPro e call to start. You can order scratch and dents for cheap from FoxPro's site and if in ht end you just don't like it you can sell them pretty quick. I prefer early mornings start calling when you can see 100 yards or so. Try to set up with a crosswind preferably with the call...
  16. usmcvet06

    Obama interview

    I'm always up for a free laugh!
  17. usmcvet06

    Obama interview

    I don't like Obama at all either. I just thought it was funny that zac said a lot of stuff that most of us feel. As in his presidential library being in his home town of Kenya lol
  18. usmcvet06

    Obama interview

    This is pretty funny stuff. Scroll down and watch the video;)...
  19. usmcvet06

    Get something started!!!!!

    Always gives me a good laugh.....
  20. usmcvet06

    Well my wingman missed

    I figured that would be the answer thanks for the confirmation guys!

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