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  1. scsims

    Quail Johnny House

    4'x6' Johnny House It's in good shape, it just needs the return door replaced. $200
  2. scsims

    Caribbean Vacation

    I'm trying to plan a vacation to somewhere in the Caribbean other than the Bahamas to a all inclusive family resort. I've been researching but have found lots of ultra cheap deals that I'm leary of. Does anyone have any advice on where to go or trusted travel agents that specialize in this area?
  3. scsims

    WTB UK Basketball Tickets

    Hey Guys, It's been quite sometime since I've posted, I've been very busy since I went back to school... Anyway, I've never purchased UK basketball tickets and was in for a big surprise when I looked into it. Surprise number one was the costs, and number two was the ability to find 4 contiguous...
  4. scsims

    Electric Wheel Chair Lift

    My parents are in need of an electric wheel chair lift. The kind that will fit into a 2" receiver. I know they can be quite expensive and don't want to make a decision on any particular one with out knowing a little more about the products. Has anyone here had any experience with one and...
  5. scsims

    Son's First Deer

    My youngest son got his first deer last weekend, and I had a little fun with the pic. I told him that I was looking through the pics and look what I saw sneaking up behind us... He didn't miss a beat and told me what app I used to doctor the photo. Can't get much past kids and technology...
  6. scsims

    Bentley's Taxidermy in Mount Eden

    Does anyone have contact info for Bentley's Taxidermy in Mt. Eden, KY? The numbers I have no longer work.
  7. scsims

    Poison Ivy?

    My wife picked handfuls of this out of the landscaping. I told her to go wash up good, but I'm not sure if it's actually it. What do y'all that think?
  8. scsims

    Has Anyone taken the ESM (Engineering Selection Module) test

    I have to take this test to move into a new position at work, and was wondering if anyone on here has taken it, that could provide insight as to what's in store for me.
  9. scsims

    Selling Land

    I don't have my land listed right now, but received an offer worth considering. I've never sold real-estate privately and was wondering what I needed to do. Do I need a lawyer to draw up papers of any kind? Will I have to pay any taxes, sales or income?
  10. scsims

    Not Hearing any Quail Yet this Year

    Last year at this time, I would hear several male quail from my back door every morning. I heard them until July, and so far this year, I haven't heard one. The winter was hard on them I guess.
  11. scsims

    Growning up to be a Fine Young Lad

    Had a fun first season with him, no wild birds but plenty of pen raised ones. He's a year and a half now, and I plan on steadying him this summer, but going through fetching now.
  12. scsims

    Problem with Cub Commercial M48 Tank

    I believe that my mower my have one of the hydraulic drive going out. The right side is much weaker than the left. Is this an expensive fix? The mower is about 12 years old and has a few other issues, starter is intermittent, carburetor problem; it has to be kept on full choke while mowing...
  13. scsims

    Any Math Whizzes Out There?

    I'm back in school and am having difficulties figuring out this problem, does anyone have any idea, if you could explain how to solve the problem I'd greatly appreciate it. To secure the accident scene, Bill comes across the following expression for the area of roadway that must be closed...
  14. scsims

    Hog Mount

    Just got Hunters hog back, we like it.
  15. scsims

    Remington 700 vls in .243 win For Trade

    I've been keeping this one for quite a while that I planed on switching the barrel out to a .260, truing the action, adding a muzzle brake among other things. Going back to school and I know the time and money won't be here for some time for another rifle project. Still may keep it but just want...
  16. scsims

    Another Real-estate question about a Farm

    If you have your farm listed with a realtor, 1. Can you pull it off the market at anytime? 2. If you have someone looking at your farm with the realtor can you say you don't want to sell it anymore? 3. If you get an offer can you refuse to sell it? I'm not in this particular situation right...
  17. scsims

    Quail Hunt

    We took my pup out on his first big hunt today. We hunted Quail Point in Winchester, they released 40 quail in a large millet field. He did great, pointed tons of birds and a bonus pheasant. I ashamed to say I missed the pheasant.....but he didn't hold it against me too long[emoji6] We ended...
  18. scsims

    How Many of you all Train your Dog to hold to Wing and Shot?

    Just wondering how many of you guys like your dog to stay until you shoot then break? I'm enjoying my pup quite a bit right now and he stays on point until I go in to flush then he runs in looking for it. This doesn't really bother me, although I think I may start working him to stay steady...
  19. scsims

    Buying a half Beef, How Much?

    What would the going price be for a half beef? I have agreed to split a half jersey and was wondering if $500 was too high?? Plus processing......
  20. scsims

    Beagle Training Books

    Anyone recommend a good beagle training book?

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