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    Keep One Drop One

    anyone up for a game of keep one drop one? I haven't seen anyone play any games on here, if it's out of line or in the wrong spot, feel free to delete How to play? Keep one word, drop one word , then add another word to complete a two-word phrase, object, idea, etc., For example: Gold...
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    Decoy info please

    Would like to know something about the decoys,how old,are the worth anything
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    info on duck decoys

    I just bought some decoys and would like to know something about them they are burlapped covered and some bigger decoys that look they have sand finish on them,like to know what they are worth,I can send pictures if you need to know more,and also have some mallard decoy shells or I guess that is...
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    tankless water heater

    what are the good and bad,my water heat at the cabin has a hole and been thinking about going with the tankless, help me please I have 2 bathrooms and kitchen
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    hunting around lake cumberland

    does anyone hunt around the lake or in clinton county,I have saw some nice deer in the wells bottom are along the river,would like to know more about the area
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    clinton county

    does and anyone hunt in clinton county and any counties that are close by

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