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    Anyone ever do Deer drives?

    When did they stop allowing drives on Knox?
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    Run 'N' Gun Set Up

    Yeah, I don’t usually go in blind, but I do bounce from pre-scouted spot to spot.
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    Run 'N' Gun Set Up

    How do you guys hunt on public land? Just go to the same few spots over and over? I’ve always mobile hunted public land and had success. I assume most other folks were doing the same.
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    KDFWR is recommending that you don’t field dress deer

    Maybe from a deer farm, then from those deer to the wild deer population.
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    KDFWR is recommending that you don’t field dress deer

    The “19” part means 2019, not “19th version.”
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    KDFWR is recommending that you don’t field dress deer

    I wonder how humans first spread covid to the deer population.
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    Best hunting blind 100 or less

    I love hearing stories like this! Have you killed most of them on public land?
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    Deer or turkey?

    I’ve killed turkeys from a ground blind I popped up in the middle of a food plot. They just don’t care about them at all. I can’t imagine deer having the same reaction.
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    Chances at a buck during MZ

    Do you guys have much luck hunting mornings during late ML?
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    A REAL Deer Hunter

    How successful were you back then?
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    Wrong forum but oh well

    lol, what was her reaction?
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    Info requested for Bow hunting Fort Knox

    You need to create an isportsman account for him. The staff at hunt control need to validate the account (i.e., that he is your dependent) then you'll be able to purchase his permits through his account. If you are both hunting an area, you'll each sign in with isportsman.
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    Which WMA?

    I'd stick with Knobs State Forest if I were you. Just scout it more and don't try to hunt until you've identified fresh sign. The deer are there. The terrain is no different from Fort Knox, and there are plenty of deer on Fort Knox. You just have to figure out where they are hanging out.
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    Get OnX. It's an app that shows you exact property lines, and works even when you do not have cell phone reception. The cost is $30 per year, and well worth it, in my opinion.
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    I've killed most of my deer on public land. They are absolutely out there. You just need to scout. Rough River Lake WMA is right near your location, and is open under statewide regulations. You also have Fort Knox less than an hour away. The nice thing about public land is that the landowner...
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    Avg cost to build

    Any idea what the cost per square foot is for something like that? I doubt I’m building any time soon but I sure hate spending any more money than I have to.
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    Road Bridge Bowfishers Suck

    Sounds like your friend's dogs are waking up his family. Maybe he should do something about them.
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    Tips for large diameter trees

    This method seems solid for big trees.
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    White Bass Spawn Dates

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    White Bass Spawn Dates

    Does anyone know when the White Bass spawn starts? I'm hoping to go catch some in the Nolin River this year.

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