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  1. bumhunter

    New handgun coming!

    A new handgun to honor our government!
  2. bumhunter


    So I had an area cleared this last summer on top of the hill in the woods for a food plot. I planted it in September with clover and winter wheat. It got covered in leaves, so I went up there last Wednesday to blow the leaves off. In the middle of the clearing there is a spot about 2 foot in...
  3. bumhunter

    Lucky on ammo!!

    Last week my wife and I were in Indiana baby sitttimg one of our grandkids while his parents were out of town. On Thursday we took our 2 year old grandson to a rural king in Michigan to see the chicks and bunny’s. I went to the gun counter and asked about the price of 9mm ammo. The guy at the...
  4. bumhunter

    Checked my cameras

    I checked my cameras for the first time in a month last Saturday. I had 5148 pics over my mineral site! I swapped cards and checked it again today (Wednesday), I had 468 pics! Here’s one of the better bucks that I got.
  5. bumhunter

    Need advice.

    I own 47 acres of hardwoods, mostly hillside in northeastern Kentucky. My property is surrounded by 1000s of acres of hardwoods just like mine. Today I had a guy stop by asking to timber my woods. He’s offering me 50% of what he gets from the lumber mill. One good thing I see is that he would...
  6. bumhunter

    My Parker hornet extreme crossbow died

    I went hunting at 3:00 this afternoon. About 5:15 I heard a pop that sounded like an acorn or a large raindrop hitting my crossbow. I looked at it, but saw nothing. About 2 minutes later I hear a large crack. My limb split. I’m done until I can get a new crossbow since Parker is out of business...
  7. bumhunter

    Checked my cameras.

    Hadn’t checked them in a month. Checked them yesterday. What do you guys think? These were over my mineral site.
  8. bumhunter

    What’s your opinion?

    So, my wife and I moved to. Kentucky 2 years ago when I retired. I’ve always wanted my own property to hunt, so we bought 471/2 acres. When we moved in a young guy approached me and said that he has permission to hunt the property behind mine. He asked if he could use my trail to get to his...
  9. bumhunter

    Marsy’s Law explained from ksp

  10. bumhunter

    Remington 700 50 caliber muzzleloader

    I am selling my Remington 700 50 caliber muzzleloader. It is all stainless steel with a composite stock. I have converted it to 209 primers, but will include to standard 22 primer nipple. It has a Simmons 3x9 scope. I am including the primers, powder pellets, and bullets with sabots. All you...
  11. bumhunter

    Remington 700

    I have a Remington 700 50 caliber muzzleloader that I don’t use anymore. I’ve been thinking about selling it, and am wondering what you guys think you be a fair price. It is all stainless steel, synthetic stock, has been converted to 209 primers, and has a 3x9 Simmons scope. Any thoughts on value?
  12. bumhunter

    What kind of bird is this?

    So I went up in my woods today to do some work on one of my trails, and to work on a little campsite for my kids and grandkids to use. This bird followed me around about 10 feet away the entire time I was up there until I started my chainsaw. After that I didn’t see it again. Does anybody know...
  13. bumhunter

    A day of firsts.

    Today was a day of firsts for me. I hunted for the first time in December, on my own property, in Kentucky, and I took my first Kentucky buck! He’s a decent 8 point, not a wall hanger, but I’m happy with him.
  14. bumhunter


    This may be a dumb question, but I'm a little confused. I moved to ky this spring. I bought 47 acres. The hunting guide states that if a resident hunts his own farmland he does not need to buy a license. My property is all woods with no farmland. Can I still hunt it without a license. I really...
  15. bumhunter

    Hi, new here!

    Hi! I found this sight while researching hunting in Kentucky. My family is from Lawrence county, and my dad moved out of state to Michigan when I was young. I am about a year and a half from retiring, and have just purchase some land in Kentucky for our retirement home. I can't wait to try some...

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