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  1. carbonhunter

    Crossbow broadheads for turkey

    I’m gonna attempt to tag a turkey with a crossbow this year . What is a good broadhead to use ?
  2. carbonhunter

    Buck down

    The good lord blessed Me with my biggest bow buck ever this morning . He came in and gave me a perfect 20 yard shot and he ran 20-30 yards and dropped . It’s so great to be able to get out and enjoy the outdoors and Gods country
  3. carbonhunter

    Track dogs

    anybody know of any track dogs around greensburg ky . I know a guy who shot a good deer and can’t find it
  4. carbonhunter

    DREAM come true

    I’ve been hunting hard this year trying to harvest my first buck with a bow . Everytime I get in the stand me and GOD have a regular conversation and I had prayed since last year I could get a shot on a buck. Well yesterday evening I had just gotten settled in the stand and about 20 minutes...
  5. carbonhunter

    Worst hunting year

    we own about 100 acres and the spring we bought a 112 acre farm that joins us. They sold the timber separate which I didn’t get and ever since they have started logging back in September . All the big deer or well every deer I was getting trail cam pics of on bone farms have vanished. We haven’t...
  6. carbonhunter

    Track dog

    anybody know anyone who has a track dog in Taylor county
  7. carbonhunter

    Quota hunt recap

    hunted green river lake quota hunt this weekend Saturday we saw several deer that morning all does and 2 of them were big time in heat . Saturday evening we only saw one deer but couldn’t make out what it was. This morning we saw a small 6 make a scrape and then he bedded down . This evening...
  8. carbonhunter

    Roll call ML day 2

    who’s out . I’m out this morning but it’s awful windy
  9. carbonhunter

    Who’s gonna be out this evening?

    I was gonna wait on getting out until tomorrow but there’s currently a cool front coming through the temp has been dropping all morning . I’m think this should get deer on there feet late this evening . So I think I’m gonna head to the stand at 4 when I get off . Anyone else going?
  10. carbonhunter

    Who’s out this morning before the front comes in ?

    Heading out for the 2nd time this year gonna try to stick one in between the chainsaws running from the loggers
  11. carbonhunter

    Good news

    I talked to the loggers logging out new farm today and he said 2 more weeks he would be done . I'm glad ther about done but I'm really worried it had ruined my hunting for this year
  12. carbonhunter

    Deer patterns

    deer patterns must be changing . I've been having some decent bucks on camera innhe past weeks . I went today and pulled my cards and checked them and the last 2 weeks I haven't had a buck on any of my cameras . Any of you all having this same thing happening ?
  13. carbonhunter

    Tree stand height

    ive got a 15' ladder stand and I'm 2nd guessing putting it up because I'm afraid it's not high enough to bow hunt out of . What do you all think?
  14. carbonhunter

    Who's out this morning

    who all is in the stand this morning ?
  15. carbonhunter

    Shooter or not

    do you all think any of these are shooters
  16. carbonhunter

    Bad wind

    looks like the wind is gonna be against us in the morning . I looked at the wind for in the morning and it's out of the east and switching to northeast . I've always heard nothing moves in an east wind
  17. carbonhunter

    Who's going out this evening

    who all is gonna be in the woods this evening ?
  18. carbonhunter

    Hunting clothing

    I'm 6'4 and finding hunting coats and shirts can be a pain in the rear because there all to short in the back . And for you who are in the same shape I'm in know thers nothing worse than being up in the stand on a cold morning with your crack hanging out it frosting your rear . There's not many...
  19. carbonhunter

    Sunday morning who's out

    Who's out this morning ?
  20. carbonhunter

    Deer showed back up

    A couple weeks ago I posted about a good friend of mine who had shot a really good deer but never found it well he txt me a pic today of the deer he shot . Thank goodness the deer survived

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