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    Man who IDs as a deer shot by hunter. pretty funny
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    Rifle support for a kid

    My middle son started hunting last year and really took to it. He is starting to shoot more and I am looking for a good rest that is fairly mobile as well. Was hoping to find something we can use for target shooting as well as blind hunting. I know a couple people posted pictures hunting with...
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    Mossberg 500 Super Bantam

    Was looking at getting one for my kids in 20 gauge with both the field barrel and rifled barrel. Didn’t know if anyone else had much experience with the gun or if anyone would recommend something else. Would be using it primarily with the field barrel. Would be looking at the youth version. Kids...
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    Bowfishing Guides

    I know there is a sub forum but it appears to be very lightly used. Was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for guides for bowfishing. I was thinking the Ohio River but if there are other good locations in Central or Eastern Kentucky I would look into it. Thanks.
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    Shot placement

    I have very little experience in trapping and have mostly focused on nusince coons. While I do some coyote hunting and occasionally see some cats, I have never trapped any. I did get some new traps and over the next month am going to try and get some cats that I have been getting pictures of on...
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    Bluegrass Army Depot

    Anyone hunt there today? Looked like the ML Hunt was today. I have never been there myself but may look at trying to get drawn next year. Anyone know anything about it? I did see there are a large number of youth hunters drawn for a November hunt so maybe they get all the bigger bucks.
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    Anyone have a blood dog for NE Kentucky?

    A hunting partner of mine shot a nice buck this morning. Deer went straight to the ground and kicked around a bit. He left the stand to go to the four wheeler. When he pulled up where he thought the deer would be laying, the deer was no longer there. It was raining pretty good at the time and by...
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    In need of a tracking dog

    On the Fleming-Nicholas line. This is my daughters first buck. Made the shot a little far back. Have lots of hair and guts at the spot where he was shot. Tracked fairly good blood for about 100 yards but decided to back off tonight. Going to go back out first thing in the morning and pick up the...
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    Anticosti Island

    My dad and I are starting to plan some hunting trips for the next few falls. Wanting to try and hit the south Midwest and north over that time. Was wondering if anyone has been to Anticosti Island Quebec? Thinking about this for next year and it seems pretty unique which is what we are going for.
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    Hunt trading website

    has anyone ever used any websites for trading hunts? Would be looking to trade a 140-150 inch whitetail hunt for any other big game (alligator, bear, antelope, mule deer, or elk).
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    Anyone have one or used one? Are they worth purchasing or is it just as quick to score on your own?
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    A first while deer hunting.

    Saw a lot of does tonight. Had about 30 in the field at one point. Even saw a couple 120 inch bucks and another small one. However, most interesting was a huge ring neck pheasant. I have seen a hog before, a few wild goats that had apparently gotten lose years before, even saw an emu before...
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    Best straight wall cartridge for deer?

    I will have a chance to hunt Ohio during their rifle season this year and I will be in need of a rifle to hunt with. I am looking mostly at a Marlin 1895 classic 45-70. Thought it would be something that I can sight in for shots beyond 100 yards but could still have a use for it here in Kentucky...
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    Treestand Accident

    Kid fell from his stand today in Fleming Co and has a badly broken back. Hopefully everything turns out ok but I'm sure it will be a long road to recovery.
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    Anyone hunting Ohio?

    I'm sure we have a few hunting there this week. How are things going to the North?
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    Anyone ever hunt southern Ohio?

    With the late gun seasons to our North, I was looking into hunting a couple public lands in Adams and Brown Counties. Anyone ever tried any public land hunting there? Is it worth the extra cost? I am assuming I will have my buck tag full by that time here at home.

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