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    16-17 LBL quota

    Anyone else get drawn for the 16 & 17 for the LBL qyota hunt? I will be there with 3 other friends and was wandering if anyone else had gotten drawn. Have seen where some had gotten in the first hunt, but was trying to see if anyone is gonna be there during the weekend hun.
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    White and piebald turkey's

    Out this afternoon glassing fields for turkeys and seen about 250 + birds in all. In one bunch I saw a white hen and a piebald. As this is well off the beaten path I don't think it was a pen raised bird. It was a cool site to watch as they fed about 150 yards away. I sat and watched them for...
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    Check this out!

    This is not for the weak!!! Talk about deer being hit by a car!!!!!!!:eek:
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    chat room?

    Does anyone ever use the chat room here?
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    Hunting with dog!

    Well I got my first chance to hunt fall turkeys with a dog this friday, and it is great. I met 2 guys that where down here from NY hunting with their dogs. I got to go out with them on friday. We did'nt get into birds till 3:30 and it was neat watching how a dog works turkey scent. The birds...

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