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    Best Hunt

    This morning I had my 8 year old daughter go to the blind with me trying to get her first deer. We had 2 yearlings come in to the corn a little after 7 am. She got in the doe and let the .270 eat. The doe ran maybe 40 yds and we found her in the creek. Needless to say it was by far the best hunt...
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    On a string

    Got into the stand this afternoon around 2:30. Busted a deer climbing up. Once I got settled in a few minutes I rattled, thinking maybe it couldve been a buck that he may come back through. Barely got the horns put away and this guy came in on a string looking to open a can. 15 yd shot with 40...
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    What is everyones favorite deer steak or deer chili recipes?
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    Campbell County Buck

    Shot this guy around 8 this morning. I was looking around when a flicker caught my eye. I figured it was a few dead golden rods blowing in the wind. Then he turned his head and I grabbed the gun. I never saw him come in though. He took a few steps into an opening and I put the hammer to him. He...

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