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    The water on Weds was a little dirty from Sunday's storm, but otherwise things were OK. not sure about camping, But I bet that is still closed. Teh ramp at the state park is open, but I would say crazy. You have some markers to follow to safe water and it is a single ramp with the turn around...
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    Watch materials and try a few yaks. i use one for fishing in teh bay and gulf and want to start using it in KY. I have not ventured out in KY yet. The tarpon get good reviews and I like the one I tried. very stable and lots of room. I have a madriver synergy 12. really like the room, but...
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    Whats the best way to get rid of Algae in a big pond??

    Why can't you buy a few grass carp?
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    Anybody fish from a kayak?

    I have a mad river canoe synergy 12. I am big enough and clumsy enough that I would not stand up in mine. it is bright orange and would not work to hunt from, but I'd be comfortable shooting in it. This fall I was at teh beach in mine and had 1-2 ft seas. I took off after a flock of birds...
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    Anybody fish from a kayak?

    Bought one about a year or so ago. I have it 'rigged" with a milk crate with a lid for extra rods and other essentials that will not fall out, pvc pipe and wheel assembly and anchor trolley. You can make floats from pool noodles to keep things from sinking. I plan on fishing it up here this...
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    Which boat to buy?

    We looked for a few months or more on craigslist. Not sure where you are located or your budget, but a guy had an older one that had some evidence of being out in the sun and weather, but he has had it a while. it may have been sold. I do not know. The fiberglass ones you are talking about...
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    Which boat to buy?

    We just bought a Lowe 23 ft deck boat. It is a 98 with a 150 Johnson. It will fly and has two fishing chairs, trolling moter and a place for the kids to relax. We found ourselves in the same place you are and just had to keep looking to find this one. It has some age and does not really...
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    Sudafed by prescription, what a load of crap.

    The dealers are going to get it. Oxycotin is a prescription and there is plenty of that floating around. What is stupid is the requirement for the script from a cost perspective. First, physician visits will increase to get the meds we can buy OTC now. What will that do for the mediciad...
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    Fish from Florida

    Sounds like fun. I am heading down end of april for trout, reds, pompano and some offshore grouper
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    Are any of you planning on taking a Fishing trip out of state this spring?

    Heading to St George Island in April for a few days of reds, trout and offshore. Will be back there in June for snapper season and more of the inshore fishing then again in October. If I can sneak another trip in down there, I will
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    Kentucky 411

    Where in Jersey are you moving from. I grew up in South Jersey. If you like birds, the further west you go the better. Some will argue otherwise, but once you start getting west of 65, I think the crop land helps the deer to become more prevelent and large. Turkey are pretty much everywhere...
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    Weed eater

    Mine is ryobi. It has performed well. I have a stihl saw and leaf blower. While the blower starts quick, it is having issues after 4 years of residential use.
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    Any mole killin' experts here?

    I've had soem luck with Mole Exit. It does not kill them, but runs them off.
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    Best Vasectomy Recuperation Advice?

    It is not a big deal. I had teh same issue as above and felt the first cut or two. a little more shot and was good to go. Take a few days easy with ice. I was climbing a deerstand a week later with no problems
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    Lake Tarpon in Florida

    Gulp shrimp are good. Try new penny or look into some electric chicken. I have also had luck with DOA shrimp. Watch the tides and remember that everythign in salt water feeds more on tide than time of day. If you can catch a falling tide and see water drawing out of the marsh, there will...
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    Lake Tarpon in Florida

    Live shrimp are very good either on the bottom with a barrel weight or up a little. If you have a problem with catfish, get the bait up. I prefer fishing shrimp or gulp jerk minnow or curly tails under a Cajun Thunder bobber with about 1/4 - 3/8 oz red jig. You jerk it like a jerk-bait for...
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    You are talking about shooting a vulture that I believe is still on the protected list. I hope you understand what you are doing and the potential pentalties that come with it. I thought you'd find this intersting: The Turkey Vulture species receives special legal protections under the...
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    Real Estate Appraisers

    This is gonna sound strange, but are you looking for a value and report the bank will accept or are you looking for someone to tell you what the land/timber is worth?
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    Anybody out there hiring?

    I think we are paying 15-18 for paramedics with full benefits.
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    Anybody out there hiring?

    I do not want to sound overly cynical, but I would review posts and any correspondence a little closer. You do not skewer ads, you scour ads. Is it Criminal Justice Administration or Justice Administration? You also reference that you are almost done a BA, almost done an Associates and...

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