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    Check Out the New Baits!

    I've been missing on here for a little bit trying to get turkey blinds and new baits made. So far I've managed new swim baits, Ned rigs, and frogs. Check out the website at Look me up on Facebook. Let me know what your handle on here is when you do. It's nice...
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    Lure Making

    I'm making some for the store. What do you guys use? Injection molds or pour molds? Any preference as to brand of plastisol, and why?
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    New Online Store and Website

    I'm starting small here guys. Right now we make one product with two more on the way. Since turkey season is coming up soon I decided to focus on the turkey blind concept while waiting for the patent for my tree step design to come back. Go check it out if you're interested in turkey blinds...
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    Hello from Morehead

    Hey everybody. I'm from the Morehead area, but hunt in a lot of places all over KY. How's everybody doing?

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